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New Opera One browser features AI chatbot Aria

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Source: Opera

Competing with Microsoft Edge’s Bing chatbot, Opera has unveiled Opera One, a new version of its browser that features an AI-powered chatbot called Aria.

Positioned within the browser’s sidebar, Aria can respond to queries, provide real-time information, generate text or code, assist in brainstorming, and more, similar to the Bing chatbot found on Microsoft Edge, reported The Verge.

Aria harnesses the power of Opera’s Composer AI engine and connects to OpenAI’s GPT model. Users can access Aria by signing up for an Opera account and clicking on the Aria icon located on the left side of the screen. While Opera initially tested the revamped browser in May, it is now available for download to all users.

Although Aria shares many similarities with the Bing chatbot on Edge, it still lacks some key features. Unlike the Edge assistant, Aria does not offer a menu system for quickly selecting conversation styles when posing questions, nor does it provide one-click options to choose the tone, format, and length of generated text. However, users can manually request such tweaks to Aria’s responses.

AI assistants are becoming increasingly popular with companies integrating them into their applications. | Source: Opera

There are chances that Opera will include image generation capabilities in the browser as Microsoft has already done that.

Opera acknowledges that Aria is a new tool and plans to update it over time. There is potential for Opera to incorporate image generation capabilities into Aria, following in the footsteps of Microsoft’s recent additions to its browser.

In addition to Aria, Opera One includes other enhancements. These include ‘tab islands’ that automatically group related tabs based on context, a refreshed design, and an upgraded browser architecture. Aria and the new Opera One browser are available for Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms.

With Opera One and the introduction of Aria, Opera aims to provide users with an AI-powered chatbot experience within its browser facilitating access to information and boosting productivity for its users.

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