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This new Google Pixel feature might make low-light photography a breeze

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Google has announced a new feature ‘Night Sight’ for its Pixel devices that enhances the image quality and makes it better than the images captured using the iPhone XS at night, according to the company.

Pixel 3 uses computational photography and machine learning — coupled with features like HDR+, Portrait mode, Top Shot, Super Res Zoom — to help the users capture a good shot.

With the new ‘Night Sight’ feature, users will also be able to capture the same quality images in the dark as well — that too without a flash.

This new feature will not only be rolled out for the latest Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL but the previous two generation of devices as well.

Night Sight will be rolled out over the next few days with an update to the Google Camera app.

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What is Night Sight? How does it work?

This new Google Pixel feature might make low-light photography a breeze
iPhone XS with SmartHDR (left), and Pixel 3 with Night Sight (right).

If you’ve ever tried capturing images in the dark using long exposures but without using a tripod, you must be aware of the blur created by your natural hand shake. Not only that, you might be greeted with moving objects in your image.

Night Sight takes all that into account — measures your natural hand shake as well as the motion in the scene.

So, if your device is still and the motion in minimal, Night Sight allows the camera to spend more time capturing light and minimise the noise. If your Pixel is moving or there is motion in the scene, then the feature minimises the exposure length — capturing less light that results in less blur.

Instead of capturing a single image, Night Sight captures multiple images in a burst and then merges all these to prevent motion blur and also brightens the image.

Night Sight also uses machine learning to make sure that the colours shown in the image are closest to their natural form.

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How and when to use Night Sight?

This new Google Pixel feature might make low-light photography a breeze

Whenever you’re taking a photo in low-light, your Google Pixel will automatically suggest you to switch to Night Sight. You can either enter Night Sight by tapping on the suggestion or manually via modes.

Once you push the shutter, try to hold the device still for as long as ‘night sight’ captures and processes the image. Following are a few tips that might make it easier to use Night Light:

  • If you’re clicking a person, ask them to hold still for a while — before you press the shutter and for some time after you press the shutter.
  • Hold the phone steady. If you can’t, make use of a stable surface for support.
  • Check if your camera lens is clean. Oil or smudge can result in blurry images.
  • In case of a single subject, tap on the subject in your screen to ensure that they’re focussed by the camera while clicking the image.
  • Do not point your camera directly to a bright light source. This might create reflections in the image.

Another important thing to note here is that even thought Pixel phones are getting ‘night sight’, that doesn’t mean their camera will be able to operate in no light at all. Any camera needs a light source in order to click images. Check out a few ‘night sight’ images here.

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