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What does NTY mean?

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The increasing use of internet slangs among a wide range of people all over the world brings in new greetings and salutations for people to use with one another. With the common greetings used by people, there are often a lot of phrases that are used to respond to such greetings or to politely accept or decline the things the other person wants to talk about or has on offer.

One of the popular acronyms that are used to decline is NTY, and here we’ve discussed NTY’s meaning, how to use it, and other acronyms you can use interchangeably.

What does NTY stand for?

NTY stands for ‘ No Thank You’.

This acronym is used by many people to politely and humbly decline what the other person has to offer.

NTY is popularly used in social media platforms and also online text messages with friends, family as well as colleagues.

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How to use NTY?

NTY can be used by a sender to politely explain to the receiver that they are not interested in what the person at the other end has to offer and that they would like to decline the offer.

Thus, this acronym is fairly appropriate in usage, unlike the others. It can be used both casually and formally — with friends, family and even professionally.


Person 1I have passes to the concert; you want to come?
Person 2NTY
Person 1We are planning a dinner outing after the meeting to celebrate, it is not mandatory, but would you like to join?
Person 2NTY, I have some other plans.

Other Acronyms that can be used instead of NTY

  • NT: No Thanks (Formal/Informal)
  • TBNT: Thanks But No Thanks (Informal)

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Ishika Aggarwal

Ishika Aggarwal