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Nvidia announce RTX 4060 and RTX 4060Ti for $299 and $399

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Nvidia has added two more GPUs to the RTX lineup — the RTX 4060 and 4060Ti. These are Nvidia’s cheapest RTX 40-series GPUs yet coming in at $299 and $399 respectively and are aimed at 1080p gaming. Availability starts with the 8GB RTX 4060Ti starting May 24 while the RTX 4060 and 16GB RTX 4060 Ti (priced at $499) arrive later in July.

According to the Steam Hardware and Software survey, 60-series GPUs are the most popular among PC gamers on Steam. That said, the value of 8GB cards has recently been under doubt as modern games push hardware limits even at 1080p, let alone 1440p or 4K resolutions. That said, paired with DLSS 3 and Nvidia’s latest Ada Lovelace architecture, the company is really pushing the 4060 and 4060Ti as the 1080p champs that we all need. 

GPU SpecsNvidia RTX 4060Nvidia RTX 4060Ti
Base Clock Speed1.83 GHz2.31 GHz
Boost Clock Speed2.54 GHz2.46 GHz
Memory Configuration8GB GDDR68GB or 16GB GDDR6
CUDA Cores30724352
Memory Interface Width128-bit128-bit
TGP115W160W (8GB)
165W (16GB)

Despite its predecessor, the RTX 3060Ti being more than capable of handling games at 1440p, Nvidia has only shared benchmarks for 1080p gaming. The 1440p gaming crown is moving over to the RTX 4070 lineup. While we don’t know the full story yet, Nvidia’s performance benchmark numbers suggest that there’s not much of a performance difference between the RTX 4060Ti and RTX 3060Ti unless DLSS 3 comes into the picture. 

There’s also a significant power efficiency improvement with the new 4060s, as has been the case for all 40-series GPUs so far. The RTX 3060 was a 170W card, while the RTX 4060 only needs 115W. The same stands for RTX 4060 Ti, which requires 160W or 165W in its 8GB and 16GB configurations respectively. The RTX 3060Ti, in comparison, required 200W.

The 60-series GPUs from Nvidia are quite popular among gamers. | Source: Nvidia

While the performance improvements with DLSS 3 and the lower power budgets might be enough to turn gamers around, Nvidia is leaving no stone unturned to ensure these cards are as attractive to buyers on a budget as they can. With prices starting at $299, the RTX 4060 is squarely facing off against Intel’s Arc A750.

DLSS 3 is turning out to be a big helping hand for these cards. | Source: Nvidia

Finally, while the 8GB VRAM on both these cards might raise questions, Nvidia seems to be prepared for the eventuality with the 16GB RTX 4060Ti. That said, there are rumours of AMD also launching an 8GB Radeon RX 7600, so the RTX 4060 might not be the sole 8GB card in this class.

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