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NYT Connections Hint: June 23

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The New York Times’s game Connections has become a favourite for puzzle enthusiasts, offering a daily challenge that tests players’ ability to discern relationships between seemingly unrelated words. Each day, players are presented with a grid of 16 words and must group them into four categories based on shared characteristics.

If you’re stuck in the June 23rd edition and need some guidance, here’s a helpful hint to steer you in the right direction.

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Today’s words

Connections is a popular puzzle series in the New York Times that tasks players with identifying groups of four items that share a common theme. The challenge lies in discerning these connections among a grid of seemingly unrelated words or phrases. Here are today’s 16 words:

  • COLD
  • SIN
  • BUG
  • EASY
  • SING
  • DIVE

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Connections hint for today (June 23rd, 2024)

Without giving away the solutions, here are some hints to guide you through the puzzle for June 23:

  • Yellow group: This category centres on calming down or becoming still. Think about words that might tell someone to relax or indicate a peaceful state.
  • Green group: These words are all related to minor health issues you might experience from time to time. Common illnesses or discomforts fit the bill here.
  • Blue group: These words are all connected to what humpback whales do.
  • Purple group: This category connects four cities by their well-known nicknames. Think about famous monikers associated with major metropolises.


Connections categories for today (June 23rd, 2024)

For today’s puzzle, the categories might not be immediately apparent, but let’s break down those hidden categories:

  • Yellow category: “SETTLE DOWN!”
  • Green category: MINOR AILMENTS
  • Blue category: WHAT HUMPBACK WHALES DO
  • Purple category: ___ CITY NICKNAMES


NYT Connections answers for June 23rd

If you’re still stumped after using the hints, don’t despair, here are the solutions for today’s Connections:

  • Yellow group: EASY, ENOUGH, QUIET, RELAX
  • Green group: BUG, CHILL, COLD, COUGH
  • Blue group: BREACH, DIVE, SING, SPOUT
  • Purple group: MAGIC, MOTOR, SIN, WINDY

The NYT Connections puzzle for June 23 offers a rewarding challenge for puzzle lovers. By approaching the grid with a flexible mindset and considering a broad range of potential connections, you’ll increase your chances of successfully grouping the words.

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