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NYT Connections Hint: May 26

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The New York Times Connections puzzle is a daily brain teaser that challenges you to find four groups of related words. Each group sits in a row or column of the grid. If you’re struggling with today’s puzzle (Saturday, May 26th, 2024), fret no more.

This article will provide some helpful hints to get you back on track and help you find the connections.

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Today’s words

The goal is to figure out how words or phrases are related. The connections can be anything from synonyms, antonyms, and categories to more abstract relationships, like words that all have a certain number of letters or words. It features sixteen words, and here are they:

  • PAN
  • WISE
  • LAY
  • TRIM
  • SET
  • GEEZ
  • POT
  • PUT

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Connections hint for today (May 26th, 2024)

The clues for today’s NYT Connections puzzle are designed to nudge you in the right direction for each category. Here’s a breakdown of what to look for:

  • Yellow group: Think about what you might find on a stovetop in your kitchen. These words could be related to cooking or the equipment itself.
  • Green group: This category’s words could describe the border itself or what it might frame.
  • Blue group: These words might be related to making a deposit or the concept of putting something down in general.
  • Purple group: This category involves words that sound similar to the plural forms of letters.


Connections categories for today (May 26th, 2024)

Here are today’s connection categories. Be cautious, as they may give away the puzzle’s answers:

  • Yellow category: FOUND ON A STOVE TOP
  • Green category: ORNAMENTAL BORDER
  • Blue category: DEPOSIT, WITH “DOWN”


NYT Connections answers for May 26

For those who want the full breakdown, you can find the revealed answers below:

  • Yellow group: GRIDDLE, KETTLE, PAN, POT
  • Green group: FRILL, FRINGE, RUFFLE, TRIM
  • Blue group: LAY, PLACE, PUT, SET
  • Purple group: GEEZ, SEIZE, TEASE, WISE

The beauty of NYT Connections is the process of discovery. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t solve the puzzle right away. Use the hints, experiment with different approaches, and enjoy the challenge.

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