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NYT Connections Hint: June 11

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The daily grind can get monotonous, but for wordplay enthusiasts, there’s a delightful pocket of challenge waiting within the pages of The New York Times. We’re talking about NYT Connections, the brain teaser that tests your ability to link seemingly disparate words into a cohesive category.

If you’re stuck on today’s June 11th edition, we’re here to offer a helpful hint to help you conquer today’s NYT connections.

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Today’s words

This brainteaser asks you to sort 16 seemingly random words into four categories, all based on a hidden theme. You are granted four attempts to solve the puzzle, and the shuffle button remains at your disposal to provide a fresh perspective on the relationships between the words, potentially saving you from wasting attempts. Today’s 16 words are:

  • HI
  • BYE
  • TRI
  • BI
  • TRAP
  • AB
  • POP
  • OFF
  • DUB
  • MED
  • BUY
  • QUAD
  • LO
  • EMO
  • PEC
  • BY

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Connections hint for today (June 11th, 2024)

Here are some hints to help you unravel the connections and conquer the game:

  • Yellow group: Think of words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings. A common two-letter homophone might be the answer here.
  • Green group: Ditch the scientific terms and focus on slang for these bodybuilders. Think of shortened versions of muscle names you might hear at the gym.
  • Blue group: This category is all about the world of music. Consider popular music styles or genres. Look for abbreviations or shortened terms commonly used for these genres.
  • Purple group: Imagine the dials on your appliances. This category is all about the settings you can find on those knobs. Keep it simple. Think about the basic settings you’d find on most appliances.


Connections categories for today (June 11th, 2024)

The connections are organised into four clear-cut categories. To aid you in unravelling the connections puzzle, we will disclose these categories:

  • Yellow category: HOMOPHONES
  • Green category: MUSCLES, INFORMALLY
  • Blue category: MUSIC GENRES


NYT Connections answers for June 11th

If you’re feeling extra stumped, you can always take a sneak peek at the full solution to today’s NYT Connections puzzle.

  • Yellow group: BI, BUY, BY, BYE
  • Green group: AB, PEC, QUAD, TRI
  • Blue group: DUB, EMO, POP, TRAP
  • Purple group: HI, LO, MED, OFF

With these hints in your arsenal, you’re well on your way to cracking the code and completing today’s NYT Connections puzzle. Remember, the beauty of this game lies in the challenge. Take a deep breath, analyze the clues, and don’t be afraid to experiment.

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