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What is Oksms? Is it safe? Top 3 alternatives

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Phones are the primary mode of communication in today’s time with just about everyone on the planet owning one. This also means that there are hundreds of millions of phone numbers out there in the world. When you’re collecting contact information for a large number of people, ensuring that you have the right phone numbers can be a bit of a hassle. 

In this article, we’re talking about Oksms, what it does, whether it is safe to use and the top three alternatives you can try instead. 

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Oksms explained

Oksms is a phone number verification tool that can be used by businesses and individuals alike to verify phone numbers. It doesn’t require any installation and can be run straight from your browser without unnecessary verification calls. 

Additionally, the site also allows you to receive SMSs on a temporary phone number. This is also a rather important safety feature is that it allows users to maintain their privacy when signing up for different services that require a phone number. 

Is it safe?

Since it’s a legitimate service, for the most part, you’d be safe using Oksms. However, remember that while the temporary number feature can protect your privacy online, it can also be used to commit fraud or scams. 

Oksms alternatives

In case Oksms doesn’t make the cut for you, there are three Oksms alternatives you can try out. 


Smstome is a quick and easy site that provides users with temporary phone numbers they can use across the internet. The site is free to use and features numbers from Canada, the US, the UK, France, Sweden and the Netherlands. The phone numbers are usually valid for two to three days and are automatically discarded after that. 

It also provides virtual phone numbers that can receive messages globally regardless of the message’s origin country. Provided virtual phone numbers are also refreshed every 30 days. 

You can visit Smstome here


If you’re a developer looking for disposable phone numbers to check things like MFA using SMS, this site can do you wonders. It provides VoIP-based temporary phone numbers originating in the US and Canada. Even if you’re not a developer and simply want a temporary number to protect your real one, the site will work flawlessly, although it explicitly states that the service should only be used for testing or development work.

You can send and receive SMSs as well as make calls. Additionally, you can also set up your temporary network as a proxy and have it forward all communications to your actual number. 

You can visit FreePhoneNum here


Recievesms works similarly to the aforementioned websites. It provides a total of 11 phone numbers from the US, the UK, Canada and Sweden. You don’t need an account or any configuration either. Just open the site and you’ll see a list of phone numbers on the home page.

The site works with a wide variety of 2FA verification systems and other websites on the internet, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility or your authentication messages not being delivered. 

You can visit RecieveSMS here

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