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What does Omegalul mean?

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The internet keeps growing into a language of its own gradually. Different online communities invent different words, emojis, emoticons and slang, which might not make sense to outsiders. 

These usually stem from a particular incident on these platforms, and other users follow suit, blowing up what would otherwise be something rather insignificant into an internet phenomenon. 

In this article, we’re talking about one such emote — OMEGALUL, how it originated and what does it mean?

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What is Omegalul?

John Bain, a Twitch content creator who passed away in 2018, uploaded his face as the original LUL emote. He originally wanted to use his picture for the emote but couldn’t as the photographer who captured the image filed a DMCA claim.

Following this, Bain then uploaded the emote to a third-party extension known as BetterTTV allowing users to use it on Twitch. OMEGALUL is just an ‘omega’ version of the original LUL emote, making the creators face seem like he’s standing in front of a distorted mirror, much like the ones you’d see in a funhouse. 

OMEGALUL is the Twitch equivalent for similar social media terms such as ROFL, LOL or LMAO, popular on platforms like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. However, all variants of the LUL emote use Bain’s face, and while the original LUL emote is global thanks to Twitch, the OMEGALUL emote remains a BetterTTV exclusive. 

Currently, OMEGALUL is the 25th most used BTTV emote on Twitch, being used about 158.580.786 times and counting as you read this. The original LUL emote, the sixth most used Twitch emote, has been used approximately 2,378,797,269 times and counting.

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Yadullah Abidi

Yadullah Abidi

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