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Opera GX browser comes to gamers on Android and iOS

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Opera’s gaming-focused GX browser launches for Android and iOS in the next few weeks as the app was rolled out in beta on Thursday.

Opera GX, released for desktop in June 2019, is a gaming-centric browser that features customisable colour themes, haptic feedbacks and flow, a feature that lets users sync their mobile and desktop browsers. 

The browser also features something called the GX corner, which is a one-stop place for gaming news, deals and links to sales, as well as a game release calendar. The feature sits just below the search bar and the speed dial sections. 

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Design, navigation and features

The browser is heavily inspired by RGB gaming peripherals and hence, features four different colour themes — GX Classic, Ultra Violet, Purple Haze and White Wolf.

Opera GX browser comes to gamers on Android and iOS


When using the browser, users can choose between either standard navigation or a Fast Action Button (FAB). This FAB will be divided into two rows called the menu and the tab rows. The menu row at the bottom will let users search, open or close tabs, while the tab row up top shows all open tabs. 

The button is designed to always be within reach of your thumb and has haptic feedback every time you interact with it making one-handed navigation easier. 


Finally, there’s Flow. It’s included in Opera and allows users to sync their mobile and desktop browsers by scanning a QR code (shown inside the desktop browser) on their phones. 

This makes an encrypted, chat-like space where the two browsers can talk to each other and share files (up to 10 MB), links, Youtube videos, photos and notes. The shared data will be available to access on all your connected devices. 

Opera GX browser comes to gamers on Android and iOS

There’s also a built-in ad and cookie pop-up blocker. Opera GX also helps protect against people trying to mine crypto using your device.

Opera says that the GX had over 9 million active gamers in March 2021 and also boasts one of the largest tech servers on Discord at 285,000 members.

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