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Opera Touch launched for iOS with Ad blocker and cryptojacking protection

Opera Software has introduced Opera Touch for iOS, which aims at challenging Apple’s proprietary Safari browser and also has built-in security functions that protect the users against cryptojacking and native ads.

Opera Touch was released for Android earlier this year in April and has been downloaded over a million times since then, and now the company has decided to launch it to iOS’ App Store.

The Red Dot Communication Design award 2018 was awarded to the Android version of the browser for its user interface that allows a user to navigate the browser on bigger screens with one hand.

Opera Touch challenges Apple’s Safari

Opera has challenged Apple with this cocky statement: “We believe that the only thing Safari is currently really best at is at being the default browser. That’s why it’s high time to challenge it with something better, Opera Touch.”

Opera Touch is aimed to provide a seamless experience on Apple’s new iPhone XS, XS Max, XR and X.

According to StatCounter, 95 percent of iOS users in the US stick to Safari as their default browser, but Opera wants to challenge that trend with Opera Touch.

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Opera Touch Features

Opera Touch launched for iOS with Ad blocker and cryptojacking protection

Opera Touch challenges Safari as the company claims its new browser for iOS is easier to use than Safari, especially on devices with bigger screens such as the recently released iPhones.

It’s faster and looks better too

The Opera Touch interface responds quicker to the user’s input and also comes packaged in a fresh look that makes Safari look archaic.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you fire up the Opera browser is that it starts in a search mode with a Google search tab and keyboard ready for your input. Google search tab is also placed at the top of its homepage otherwise.

Opera Touch launched for iOS with Ad blocker and cryptojacking protection

The core elements of the UI such as opened tabs, search and QR code scan is located at the bottom of the screen in a neat menu that can be accessed via the Fast Action button.

You can customise the default search engine for Opera Touch via the in-app Settings. Choose one of the following: Google, Yandex, Baidu, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Amazon, eBay, IMDB, Wikipedia.

You can connect your iPhone and PC via Flow

Another feature that provides a seamlessly synced browsing experience between your iPhone and Mac is Flow. It allows the users to share links, images videos with self.

Opera Touch launched for iOS with Ad blocker and cryptojacking protection

Flow doesn’t require any login credentials. All you need to do to activate it is scan the QR code displayed in your Mac’s browser with Opera Touch app, and both will be synced.

The good news here is that Flow is end-to-end encrypted and ‘works independently of operating systems and manufacturers’.

The most recent tabs from your desktop browser appear on your iPhone once Opera Flow is activated.

Ad blocker and cryptojacking protection

Opera Touch launched for iOS with Ad blocker and cryptojacking protection

Opera Touch also features a built-in ad blocker and cryptojacking protection feature that ensures that your browsing is uninterrupted and secure. If you wish to check if your browser is safe from cryptojacking, click here.

Cryptojacking protection is activated on the browser by default. If you wish to enable the ad blocker too, you can do so from Settings of the app.

Opera Touch vs Safari

  • The Opera Touch browser comes with a fresh design that not only displays the most visited sites by you on its homepage but also the most recent tabs opened on your computer browser. Apple’s Safari showcases the most visited websites by the user and carries forward the old design.
  • Opera’s latest for iOS also has a more intuitive approach to access opened tabs as well as recent tabs with the Fast Action button — that also houses QR code scan. On the other hand, Safari browser features opened tabs in a vertical list view that is sorted by the date it was created.
  • The seamless sync between iPhone and Mac via Opera Flow makes it even easier for a user to save something for later or share links, images, links, videos across devices. Safari lacks a similar feature.

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