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Orbi blue light: What does it mean? How to fix it?

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Orbi by Netgear provides a single connection for your home or workplace and handles all the devices. Apart from a high-speed connection, Orbi also provides unparalleled multi-layered security and protection.

If you are an Orbi user, you might wonder what the blue light on Orbi means. In this article, we will talk about this issue and also give some fixes.

Orbi Blue light: Explained

Here is a list of Orbi devices and what happens when you see a blue light on those devices:

Router ring LEDs

If you see a pulsing blue light on a Router ring LED, the internet traffic is blocked as you have reached the limits of the internet that you configured.

Satellite ring LEDs

A solid blue light on the satellite ring for 90-180 seconds means that the connection between the Orbi router and satellite is good, and everything is working fine.

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7 ways to fix Orbi Blue light

Sometimes you might notice that the blue light doesn’t turn off. This might cause some alarm. But don’t be. Here are some fixes that can help you fix the issue.

Restart your Orbi satellite device

Typically, restarting the device should work. After rebooting, check the device and if the blue light stays on between 90-180 seconds and then flickers for a few seconds, everything is fine.

You can try restarting a few times before moving to other fixes.

Restart the whole Orbi network

If restarting the satellite doesn’t work, you can try restarting the whole Orbi network, including the modem, router and satellites.

  • First, turn off all the devices and then disconnect them from the power supply.
  • Now, reconnect the modem and wait for it to start. Depending on the model, it might take somewhere between 2-3 minutes.
  • Connect the Orbi router to a nearby power source and do the same for the satellite.

Wait till all the devices are ready, and then check the blue light again. If everything is all right, the blue light should go solid for 90-180 seconds.

Sync both the router and the satellite

Syncing routers and satellites might also solve the problem. Here is what you have to do to sync:

  • You need to confirm that the satellite is connected to a power source. The satellite ring should turn white or magenta while connected to a power source.
  • Now, at the back of your router press the sync button.
  • Also, press the sync button at the back of your satellite within 120 seconds.
  • Wait for the syncing process to complete. While this process is happening you will see that the satellite ring will turn blue if the connection is good or amber if the connection is fair. The light should be visible for at least 3 minutes and then will disappear. This signifies that the syncing was successful. If you happen to see a magenta line, this means that the sync attempt was unsuccessful.

Check the cables

Loose cables sometimes cause signal problems. Check all the cables connected to your devices and make sure each cable is attached properly.

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Check for firmware updates

Sometimes upgrading the firmware can fix the issue. Here are the steps to check for the firmware updates on your Orbi:

  • Login to your Orbi router and then open the Admin dashboard.
  • Next, go to Advance > Administration > Firmware update > Online update.
  • Click on the Check button to check for any updates. If there is a new version available, click on the Update All option.

Wait for the update to finish and then restart the router and satellite.

Do not interrupt the device when the updation is in process.

Reset your Orbi router and/or satellite

Resetting is similar to factory settings on your mobile phones. You can try resetting your Orbi devices if the problem persists. But do remember that you will lose all the configuration settings that you had previously.

Take a paper clip and then insert it into the resetting slot at the back. The unit will take some time to boot up.

Turn off the blue light manually

  • You can turn off the blue light by logging in to by entering your account name and password.
  • After that go to the Attached Devices setting and then select your device and an Edit device page will open up.
  • In the LED section, you can turn on/off the light by clicking on the slider.

Use this method when you are sure that your satellite is working. Also, this method might not work on all the models.

If all the above fails, try calling Netgear support for further help.

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