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Overwatch 2 servers are being mass DDOSed at launch

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Overwatch’s much-anticipated sequel launched Tuesday, but if you were hoping to get in on the action, the mass DDOS attacks that the game servers are facing might keep you from experiencing the sequel, or so says Blizzard president Mike Ybarra.

Ybarra addressed gamers’ concerns in a tweet stating that the game servers are being DDOSed and the teams are working to mitigate or manage the issue. There’s currently no estimated deadline for the fix either. 

Only a handful of Twitch streamers have been able to get the new game’s matchmaking system to work past the splash screen. That said a majority of the gamers are still stuck waiting for the game to work.

Blizzard is also tracking any other known issues and bugs in a forum thread which has revealed two additional issues with the game — players who have merged their PC and console accounts might get “unexpected server error” messages and some of the cosmetic items players may have earned might not show up in their collections right away. 

There’s also a list of know bugs in the game on the page, listing out some rather big issues with the game on its first day of launch including:

  • Using Alt+Tab in fullscreen and windowed borderless mode results in the game hanging on a black screen.
  • The highlights camera might be misplaced on the level.
  • Hero Unlock challenges not progressing in Total Mayhem mode.
  • Using a number that’s already been used in another account might leave the game client unusable requiring users to use an additional number for the game’s SMS Protect feature.

The DDOS attacks and server issues have hampered Overwatch 2’s launch with the game already getting somewhat of a clouded announcement, frequent delays and years of silence from Blizzard about whether the sequel was coming in the first place.

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Yadullah Abidi

Yadullah Abidi

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