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Top 7 Powerbeats Pro case

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The Beat Powerbeats Pro are one of the best truly wireless sports headphones you can buy right now. However, with a hefty price tag of $249, it’s understandable if you’d want to keep your pair safe and sound from just about anything.

In this article, we’re bringing you the top seven Powerbeats Pro cases you can buy right now. 

GEAK Portable Powerbeats Pro case

Brand: Geak | Price: $9.79

This simple silicon case for the Powebeats Pro comes in a bunch of colours and along with a carabiner clip that should help you attach your headphones to just about anything. The case isn’t very bulky either and should give your headphones ample protection. 

You can get the GEAK Portable Powerbeats Pro case here

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Watruer Powerbeats Pro case

Brand: Watruer | Price: $7.99

If you want something similar but in a shiny white colour and for a tad bit cheaper, this is an excellent pick. The case is really slim and won’t add much bulk to your case. However, do keep in mind that it doesn’t come with any special bells or whistles to attach your Powerbeats to something. 

You can get the Watruer Powerbeats Pro case here

TXEsign neoprene case bag

Brand: TXEsign | Price: $8.88

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty full-on pouch for your Powerbeats, look no further. This neoprene case is essentially a mini bag you can drop your Powerbeats in and forget about them. 

You can get the TXEsign neoprene case bag here

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V.R.Hope hard case

Brand: V.R.Hope | Price $12.99

Speaking of hard cases, this one will certainly make your headphones stand out. The case is essentially hardshell with a small slot for the charging indicator. It comes in a bunch of really cool designs as well so if you want a break from simple Powerbeats cases you should definitely check this one out. 

You can get the V.R.Hope hard case here

CAGOS hard cover case

Brand: Cagos | Price: $9.99

This is a hardshell case for your Beats that’ll keep them safe and sound from just about anything. The has a carabiner attached to it along with a zipper to keep the headphones safe.

It comes in a bunch of cool colours and designs as well so if you don’t want the all-black version, you can throw a little sass in on your case. Oh, and you get four replacement tips for your Beats as well. 

You can get the CAGOS hardcover case here

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KMMIN Powerbeats Pro case

Brand: Kmmin | Price: $10.99

Now this one may seem a little bit too expensive for a case, but it’s got over the top protection for your case. Not only you get a rather good looking transparent clear silicone case, which is available in other colours as well, but you also get a bag for the case that you can drop your cased Powerbeats in and totally protect them from any damage at all. 

You can get the KMMIN Powerbeats Pro case here

Anbo Leather case

Brand: Anbo | Price: $18.99

This is the most expensive case on the list but also adds the most flair to your headphones. The case is made out of leather and available in a few colours as well. There’s a zipper on the case and a lanyard attached to make carrying the case easier. 

You can get the Anbo Leather case here

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