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Top 5 Proxy websites for school

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What is a proxy server? Why and when to use one?

Sometimes, when you’re using the internet at school, you might not be able to go to certain websites. This can be annoying, especially if you’re looking for educational content. But you can use proxy websites to bypass school internet restrictions and access blocked content.

This article has listed the top five proxy websites that can help you access websites and resources that may be restricted in your school. If you’re looking for a professional proxy server, we recommend using IPRoyal (get a $1 sign-up bonus here to try the service)

Free Proxy

Price: Free

This website allows you to unblock school-restricted websites or URLs faster and provides a better user experience. What’s most impressive is that it guards user privacy by hiding your actual IP address and location, ensuring anonymity. Additionally, it encrypts the content of specific websites and URLs, adding a layer of security that protects user data from potential hackers.

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Price: Free with limited features, and the premium plan is $10/month

If you are someone who regularly uses proxy sites, KProxy could be a great option for you. It has a Chrome extension, so whenever you want to visit a website blocked by your school, activate the extension, and you can access the site in seconds. This extension provides a secure connection between the website’s server and your browser, ensuring your online activities stay private and safe.


Price: Free with limited features, and the premium version is $9.99/month

Proxy Site is a free web tool that ensures your online privacy while offering fast and secure browsing. It lets you visit any website with added security through SSL encryption, and you can connect from anywhere. Proxy Site makes information accessible globally, meaning you can access your favourite websites from any school or office worldwide.


Price: Free with limited features, and the premium version is $9.95/month

4everproxy stands out as a top-notch proxy website for students looking to access blocked sites at school. It’s free and doesn’t slow down your internet speed or limit the size of the files you can access. Also, you get to pick the server and even the country so that you can get past the location-based restrictions. Plus, 4everproxy has built-in support for VPN, adding an extra layer of privacy and security.


Price: Free with limited features, and the premium version is $3.50/month

CroxyProxy is a handy proxy website that helps you access blocked websites while keeping your online activities private through encryption. It offers both a free version, suitable for most websites, and a premium option with added benefits like faster speeds and an ad-free experience.

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