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How to fix PS4 controller orange light?

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The PS4 Dualshock 4 controller comes with amazing comfort to make sure the gaming efficiency of the player is on level, the buttons are strategically designed to make the controls easier for the player. The share button allows the player to share their gameplay videos with their friends online. It comes with many great features to make the gaming experience better for the players.

Many players are facing an orange blinking light in their PS4 controller, well it could mean it either is in rest mode or is charging. But sometimes it also denotes some issues with controllers like lagging, bugs and other issues.

In this article, we have discussed the causes of the PS4 controller orange light issue and seven ways to help you fix the issue.

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What does the orange blinking light on PS4 controller mean?

The orange light on your PS4 controller means two different things, it can be normal or indicate a problem depending on whether is it blinking or steady.

  • If there is a blinking yellow or orange then it means the controller is charging but the console is in rest mode.
  • If the yellow or orange light is steady then it means the controller is connected to the console but it is unable to charge.

Some other causes related to orange blinking lights

Here are some other causes that might be a reason for the orange blinking light on your PS4 controller:

  • The PS4 controller is lagging.
  • The battery of the controller is unable to charge properly.
  • The controller is unable to connect to the console.
  • The controller is failing to sync with the console.

How to fix the orange blinking light issue?

Here are seven fixes to help you resolve the orange blinking light issue:

Check the cable

It is possible that the cable you are using to charge your controller might be faulty and that is why the controller is unable to charge and showing an orange blinking light. So, replace the cable, you can also use an android charging cable to check whether the cable is faulty or not. Plug in the android phone charging cable and if the controller light changes and the controller starts charging then the cable was faulty.

Restart the console

Restarting the console is a very simple method but it is effective too, restarting a system removes all the cycle issues like issues related to RAM, apps, cache and other protocols. To restart the console press the power button until it beeps twice, then press the power button again to start it again.

Hard reset the console

Hard resetting the console will remove all the power bugs that might be preventing the controller from charging. Follow the step below to hard reset the console:

  • Turn off the console by pressing and holding the power button for at least five seconds or until you hear two beeps.
  • Now, unplug the power cord and wait for at least 5-6 minutes.
  • Plug back in the power cord and turn on the console.
  • Connect the controller, it must have solved the orange blinking light issue.

Resync the controller

Resyncing has solved the orange blinking light issue for many users. So you can also try this method, for this method you will need another working controller:

  • Connect another working controller to the console.
  • In the console, go to Settings> Devices > Bluetooth devices.
  • Now, press the Share and PS buttons simultaneously for around five seconds and check the Bluetooth devices menu in your console it should be showing a green dot against the controller indicating that the console has identified the controller.

Reset the controller

Resetting the controller might resolve the orange blinking light issue on the controller, it resets the firmware of the controller to default and fixes almost all the problems related to the controller. To reset the controller follow the steps below:

  • The reset button is on the back of the controller.
  • Put a Paper clip or sim ejector in the hole.
  • Press and hold it for 5-7 seconds to reset your controller.
  • Connect the controller again to the console and turn on the controller and check it’s working fine.

Enable charging in rest mode

If your console does not allow charging in rest mode then it will show an orange blinking light on your console when you put it on charge and the console is on rest mode. So enabling the charging in rest mode will solve this issue for you. To enable charging in rest mode follow the steps below:

  • In your console, go to Settings> Power Save Settings> Set Features Available in Rest Mode > Supply Power to USB Ports.
  • Choose at least three hours in the Supply power to USB ports settings.

Turn on the console in Safe mode

This process of turning on your console in safe mode will bypass all the bugs and issues that are preventing communication between the controller and the console. To turn on your console in safe mode follow the steps below:

  • Turn off the console by holding the power button for at least three to five seconds.
  • Press and hold the power button on the console again until you hear two beeps.
  • Now, connect the controller to the console using the USB cable.
  • Press the PS button.

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