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PS5 exclusive Deathloop delayed once again till September 14th

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The much anticipated PS5 exclusive Deathloop, which was initially supposed to be released in the 2020 holiday season alongwith the PS5, has been delayed again, this time till September 14th. 

The developers of the game, Arkane Studios, have cited COVID-19 related issues as the main reason behind yet another delay. The game was previously expected to release on May 21st, much later than the title’s original release date. 

In a tweet put out on 8th April by the game’s official Twiter handle, Dinga Bakaba and Sebastien Mitton, the game’s Game and Art director’s respectively, bring the message to the players in a video. 

The tweet was followed up by another message that further explains the reason for the delay stating that the developers are committed to the quality of the game while ensuring the health and safety of everyone involved in the development process. 

Already well known for the Dishonored series and a reboot of Prey from 2017, Deathloop is the latest title coming in from Arkane Lyon’s studio. Players assume the rule of an assassin — Colt, stuck in a time loop.

The objective is to fight out of the loop by assassinating eight targets using various weapons and mystical powers. All this happens while a rival assassin is hunting down the player itself. 

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Is Deathloop coming to PC?

As a title intended for the next-gen console,s Deathloop s set to be released as an exclusive for the PS5 for the first year. The title comes to PC at the same time as well.

All this is happening even though Microsoft now owns the game’s publisher, Bethesda studios. Back in September, Phil Spencer, Xbox studio head, told Bloomberg that the timed exclusivity to Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo might be held up regardless. 

All this means that Xbox players will be waiting even longer before they’re able to get their hands on the game because of the current delay. 

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