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PS5 improves Discord integration with easier access

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PlayStation users will now finally be able to access Discord voice chat directly on their consoles, without the need for Discord’s PC or mobile apps to initiate the connection. These integrated voice chats, along with a profile-sharing feature will start rolling out on the console in the coming weeks starting with Japan and Asia, followed by Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and then to US and Canada.

Previously, Discord users on Sony’s console had to manually transfer Discord voice chats from the Discord apps on PC or phone to their consoles. With the new updates, PS5’s Discord integration is almost at par with the Xbox’s, although Microsoft’s console does provide more functionality on the popular VoIP app, including the ability to stream your screen to your friends.

Sony’s Discord integration has been in the works for several years now. PlayStation users also want to use the app, as Sony reports that players have joined Discord voice chats on PS5 over 290 million times since the feature was first released. With Discord now integrated into the console’s dashboard, this number will almost certainly rise.

Discord is now integrated into the PS5’s dashboard. | Source: Sony

The integration will be delivered as a console update, and anyone wanting to use the feature will have to link their PlayStation Network and Discord accounts. Sony is also rolling out a new feature that lets players share their PlayStation Network profile on any messaging or social network app with a shareable link or QR code.

Since its launch, Discord has expanded far beyond its initial target user base of gamers. It is now used for anything involving audio/video communication or screen-sharing capabilities. The app first rolled out on PCs and mobile phones in 2015 and only recently started arriving on consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation.

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Yadullah Abidi

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