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COD Mobile vs PUBG Mobile

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Recently there’s been a lot of hype on the Play Store for the release of the most awaited Call of Duty Mobile version. The game features multiple PvP modes and a battle royale mode similar to PUBG.

Tencent Games have developed both the games. How do they differ? Let’s find out.

Call of Duty Mobile

The Call of Duty Mobile edition, ahead of everything, brings back a lot of nostalgia from the PC version.

There are a lot of maps and characters that make a comeback. You also get the most played game modes on the PC edition.

PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile: Which one takes the cake?

Ranked gameplay has been introduced as well. Players participate in ranked matches and gain points on winning, which overall effect their competitive rank.

There’s also a progression system in place. You gain XP weapon wise and can use it to upgrade your weapon to get better attachments. Almost everything you had on the PC version you get here.

The Battle Royale mode also has striking similarities with the PC version. While the basic concepts are the same as PUBG, it does feel like a completely different game. The mode also has several other features like respawning jets and class-based skills that make every match feel different.

Graphics are amazingly beautiful and the gameplay also super smooth. I was able to play it on a Moto One Power (SD 636/4GB RAM) at highest settings without a hitch.

All in all, it’s a solid game that’ll keep you engaged for hours on end.

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PUBG Mobile

This one doesn’t need any explaining.

Even if you don’t play this game, I’m sure you’ve heard just how crazy people have gone over it. It’s all over the news and as the rumour has it, was also about to be banned.

PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile: Which one takes the cake?

What makes PUBG Mobile so damn good? Well, the gameplay mechanics make it feel an incredibly immersive experience.

Then there are the beautiful graphics, the variety of weapons and large spread maps. With the addition of fast-paced game modes such as Arcade, the player base can’t keep their hands off it.

PUBG is also extremely accessible and can run on almost every phone out there. With the introduction of the lite version, Tencent Gaming made sure that everyone gets a piece of the cake.

So which one stands out among the two?

Well, it’s really down to personal preference. Both the games are similar at the core, but wildly different when it comes to gameplay.

If you generally want faster-paced gameplay, I’d suggest going for COD. If realistic long-range gunfights are your thing, PUBG might suit you better. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have fast-paced PUBG or long range fights in COD. Both games have several ways you can play them, and that’s what defines how the game goes for you.

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