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How to quote Reddit comment?

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Reddit is arguably one of the most popular social media platforms, and the company is aware of this fact and calls itself the “front page of the internet”. There are hundreds of subreddits available for just about anything you want to talk about.

The site has a lot of ways users can interact with each other, including making posts, talking in group chats or direct messages and even supports crossposting to help people make the content they like to be seen more. 

Speaking of which, comments are the primary way of interacting with a post or mostly with other people on Reddit. If you’re looking to make your comments stand out more, you can try quoting comments so that you can be more specific about what you’re talking. 

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Quoting Reddit Comments

Quoting Reddit comments is as easy as replying to a message on Whatsapp. Here’s how.

Login to Reddit and go to a thread you want to interact with, down to the comment. Once there, highlight the part of the message you want to quote and hit Reply. 

How to quote Reddit comment?

You’ll notice that the selected part is now quoted in the comment above what you’re typing. Alternatively, you can click Reply without selecting anything and then click the three dots in the comment formatting bar, select Quote Block and then copy-paste the part you want to quote. 

Quoting in Reddit mobile app

If you’re using Reddit on your phone, you’re going to have to use some shorthand to be able to quote things. You can use a single angled bracket (>) to quote text or double angled brackets (>>) to nested quote things.

How to quote Reddit comment?

Just tap the Reply icon, type in an angled bracket according to your requirement and copy-paste the text you want to quote.

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