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Top 10 racing/driving games for Android and iOS

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Racing Games are one genre of video games which every person has tried at least once even if they do not play games in general. Namco’s Pole Position, an arcade game, set the trend for these games and they have been a part of every household with kids ever since.

Through the advancements in technology over the years these games moved from arcade machines to home consoles and computers and then made their way into our smartphones.

This article talks about some of the best racing/driving games for iOS and Android, in no particular order.

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The top five racing/driving games for Android are as follows:

Data Wing

10 best racing/driving games for Android and iOS | Candid.TechnologyThis game is something which one may define as a game in which you race against yourself. The game revolves around the premise of you delivering payloads for an entity known as the Mother.

The art style and unique dialogue which uses a fair bit of sarcasm is something one may find amusing. It’s undoubtedly got the design to be game on which you may spend hours without realising.

The game does seem to have a learning curve to it, but it’s not something that you cannot master after fiddling the game with a few minutes.

You can find Data Wing here

Asphalt 8: Airborne

10 best racing/driving games for Android and iOS | Candid.Technology

Asphalt by Gameloft is one name that comes to your head when one thinks about racing games on the mobile platform and with new versions coming out every few years.

This game, launched in 2013, was a follow up to Asphalt 7: Heat and was followed up by Asphalt 9: Legends in 2018.

The game has a Career Mode which has events which can be unlocked by progression through earning stars. The need for in-app purchases is minimal, and a user can enjoy what the game is supposed to be without spending any money.

You can find Asphalt 8: Airborne here

CSR Racing 1 / 2

10 best racing/driving games for Android and iOS | Candid.TechnologyA story is something that several people look for when playing a game and CSR Racing ties a story in with its progression system.

It includes an upgrade system for vehicle parts and these upgrades are usually timed, and these can be sped up using in-game currency bringing in a monetary side to this game which is an all-around package of fun and skill.

You can find CSR Racing 1 here and CSR Racing 2 here

Dr Driving

10 best racing/driving games for Android and iOS | Candid.TechnologyAlthough this game is not what you expect from a traditional racing game (the general FPS format with you moving in the forward direction) it sure is one action-packed game.

It presents all kinds of driving challenges which range from speed control to managing fuel efficiently bringing to the forefront an all-new type of race.

You can find Dr Driving here

Hill Climb Racing 2

10 best racing/driving games for Android and iOS | Candid.TechnologyThe side-scrolling theme of Hill Climb Racing which a majority of players have come to adore has been adapted into this game, and the additions brought to make it a racing game which is a great way to kill time.

Features like Character Customization have been added along with the basic Vehicle Customization which has always been a part of this game.

You can find Hill Climb Racing 2 here

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The top five racing/driving games for iOS are as follows:

Real Racing 3

10 best racing/driving games for Android and iOS | Candid.TechnologyWhen one plays a racing with vehicle designs based off of real-life vehicles they see some made up names taking place of the original vehicles, but Real Racing is where it all changes.

With EA behind it, the game has managed to include 18 real-world locations and over 200 cars with a control system that gives one an authentic experience with its dynamic camera angles and real to life graphics.

You can find Real Racing 3 here

F1 Mobile Racing

10 best racing/driving games for Android and iOS | Candid.TechnologyFormula 1 – a world of racing completely different from anything that we have experienced before, it is a type of race that requires great precision and patience to do well in and an opportunity to do that is exactly what this game presents.

F1 Mobile Racing lets you develop and customize your own car from the ground up or lets you race for one of the 10 official F1 teams and challenge opponents from around the world and have thrilling multiplayer duels.

You can find F1 Mobile Racing here

Smash Bandit Racing

10 best racing/driving games for Android and iOS | Candid.TechnologySmash Everything! That’s the tagline that this game uses and it sure is full of that. It has an interactive environment (i.e. smashable scenery) in the form of dirt tracks and dusty towns.

It has upgrade system for vehicles which is funded by the in-game money earned through competing in the game’s Bandit Challenge.

You can find Smash Bandit Racing here

Trial Extreme 4

10 best racing/driving games for Android and iOS | Candid.TechnologyUntil now this article has talked mostly about games with four wheelers but this one focuses upon a game that has two wheelers go up and down ramps, obstacles and rough terrain on which you do not expect your sports cars to move.

The game has 200 levels which continually increase in levels of difficulty. It also has an upgrade system which can bring fresh new looks to your vehicle so that you can take part in the extreme duels that the game presents.

You can find Trial Extreme 4 here

Riptide GP 2

10 best racing/driving games for Android and iOS | Candid.TechnologyRiptide GP 2 is a game by Vector Unit that steps away from the asphalt and jumps straight into the world of water sports.

The primary vehicles in this game are hydro jets which you use to run laps across courses which have been designed to look incredible on mobile devices. The courses are full of dynamic and interactive water surfaces.

It has game modes like Traditional Races, Hot Lap, Elimination and Freestyle events which helps you EXP and cash to upgrade your hydro-jet and improve your game experience.

You can find Riptide GP 2 here

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