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RedGear Pro Wireless gamepad review: Value for money?

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RedGear has been building gaming accessories on the cheap for quite some time now. Their stuff has been on the performance side, and for gamers with not so deep pockets, it’s a lifesaver.

The RedGear Pro Wireless gamepad is no exception. Ergonomic design, long battery life, backlight buttons and a cheap tag. This one’s got it all.


It’s a wireless gamepad, so let’s get down to connectivity.

The gamepad has ten meters of range. It plugs in via a dongle, and you get a spare one in the box as well. Just plug in the dongle, press the ‘Home’ button on the gamepad and you’re good to go.

RedGear Pro Wireless gamepad review: Value for money?

The gamepad only works wirelessly though. You can charge it by plugging it into your computer, but you’ll still have to plug in the dongle to use the gamepad.

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Battery life

The battery lasts about 8 hours on a single charge. That’s good considering the price point and the fact that it has got a bunch of lights as well.

There’s a non-detachable lithium-ion battery inside. It takes about one hour to charge up.


Now let’s come down to the main stuff.

The gamepad is just perfect, in my opinion. The ergonomics on this gamepad feel pretty similar to the Xbox line of controllers. They feel comfortable in hand, and the rubber grips on the side help a lot in case your palms start sweating.

The dual vibration motors provide decent vibration feedback. They also add a little bit of heft to the controller that gives it an excellent feel in the hands.

RedGear Pro Wireless gamepad review: Value for money?

The buttons are also quite balanced between being mushy and springy. They have, somehow, just the right feedback and the backlighting is just icing on the cake.

There’s a Turbo button as well, which essentially emulates multiple button taps when you hold down a button. Trying firing a pistol with the Turbo mode, you’ll feel you’re shooting an SMG.

The triggers and shoulder buttons do feel a bit flimsy, but nothing too bad. For the price and keep in mind everything else that you get, I’d say they get a pass.

The joysticks have concave tops and are covered in matt rubber that helps with the grips. All in all, a superb layout.

The most prominent feature, however, is the fact that it supports both Direct-input and X-input mode. This makes it compatible with pretty much every game you throw at it.

You can switch between the two modes by pressing and holding the ‘Home’ button on the gamepad for 5 seconds. You also get a visual LED indicator telling the current mode.

Finally, there’s also the option to switch the D-pad and the analogue stick. Press the Home+Back buttons for five seconds and tada. This helps with older games that don’t support an analogue stick.

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RedGear Pro Wireless gamepad review: Value for money?

For all these impressive features, you can pay anywhere between 800 to 1,499 INR on Amazon. The gamepad keeps going on frequent sales and sells like hot cake so you might want to keep your eye on it.

I, personally, bought it for about INR 1200.

You can get the RedGear Pro Wireless Gamepad here.

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