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How to fix Roomba charging error 1?

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iRobot company is an American technology company which designs and builds consumer robots. iRobots company was founded by three members of MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Lab, who designed robots for space exploration and military defence.

The Roomba charging error code 1 is the error code, meaning the battery is not connected to the Roomba vacuum cleaner.

This article discusses the causes of the Roomba error code 1 and a few easy and simple ways to fix it.

What are the causes of Roomba error code 1?

When error code 1 occurs in your Roomba model, the light ring will glow red around the clean button, and an error message will be displayed. The most common causes for the Roomba error code 1 are:

  • The battery is not installed.
  • The battery is loose.
  • The battery terminals are rusted.

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How to fix the Roomba error code 8?

Here are three fixes that might help you resolve the Roomba error code 8:

Check the battery is installed

If you purchased the Roomba robot and received it recently, then it is possible that the battery is not installed in the robot, so remove the back panel and check if the battery is installed; if it is not in the robot, then install the genuine iRobot battery which must have come with the robot when you purchased it.

Insert some filling in the Roomba battery compartment

Roomba robot might show the error code 1 because the battery is not fitted properly and might be loose so you can put a corrugated paper at the bottom or side of the battery compartment. Follow the steps below to fix the loose battery issue:

  • Remove the bottom cover of the Roomba robot by removing the screw on the back panel.
  • Check if the battery is properly fitted; if not, put corrugated paper either on the side or at the bottom to fit the battery perfectly. The battery should not move or shake in the compartment.
  • Reattach the bottom cover of the robot and then put it on charge.

Clean the Roomba battery terminals

Sometimes the battery terminals of the Roomba robot get rusted or accumulate dust and carbon, so cleaning the battery terminals of the Roomba robot might fix the battery not connected issue. Follow the steps below to clean the battery terminals:

  • Remove the bottom cover of the Roomba robot by removing the screw on the back panel.
  • Make sure the battery tags are removed, which might be causing obstruction and if it is already removed, use an eraser to clean the battery terminals.
  • Now clean the contacts of the robot, too and then place the battery back inside.
  • Close the back panel and put it on charge.

Contact Support

If your problem is not resolved, contact iRobots customer support.

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