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How to fix CANbus error?

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The Controller Area Network (CAN bus) is a network system which enables communication between Electronic Control Units (ECU) without any complex wiring.

Modern vehicles are all about new technologies and sensors which ensure the safety of the driver and the car’s passengers; sensors detect problems and give a warning message to the driver. In the case of LED light bulbs, your car will give a warning message that the particular exterior application is not working; this checking/reporting of errors and failures is done Canbus system.

This article discusses the causes of the Canbus error and a few easy and simple ways to fix the error.

What causes the CANbus error?

The Canbus system shows an error with the Led bulbs because they draw less current or resistance, and the control unit detects lower working power from the bulb and reports the error.

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How to fix the CANbus error?

There are only two ways to fix the error:

Get CANbus-compatible LED bulbs

Using low-quality Led bulbs will affect the Canbus system and show this error; people use low-quality Led bulbs to save some money, but the low quality is not good for the sensors in your car.

You can buy Canbus-compatible good, quality Led bulbs from the market and install them in place of low-quality bulbs. Canbus-compatible bulbs might cost a bit more than normal Led bulbs, but they are obviously with it, and it will also fix the Canbus errors.

Use Resistor kits for LED bulbs

As we have mentioned before, the Canbus system shows the error because it is not sensing enough resistance from the Led bulbs you are using.

To fix the error, you can use the resistor kits to increase the resistance in the Led bulbs, which will fix the resistance issue as the Canbus will sense the resistance from the bulb and won’t show the error. The resistor kit will adjust the resistance in the bulb without affecting the performance of the Led bulb.

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