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How to fix Roomba charging error 8?

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Roomba is a series of autonomous vacuum cleaner robots manufactured by iRobots, vacuum cleaner robots are handy and tension free as you have to switch it on and then let it do all the cleaning.

Roomba error code 8 can be an operational error or charging error, which means that your Roomba model’s battery is not charging or the motor is not working. It is a common error that occurs in the Roomba models.

This article discusses the causes of the Roomba error code 8 and a few simple and easy ways to fix it.

What are the causes of Roomba error code 8?

When error code 8 occurs in your Roomba model, the light ring will glow red around the clean button, and an error msg will be displayed. The most common causes for the Roomba error code 8 are:

  • The battery is not charging.
  • The motor of the Roomba is not working.
  • The filter of Roomba is clogged.

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How to fix the Roomba error code 8?

Here are two ways that might help you fix the Roomba error code 8:

Use genuine iRobot battery

The battery is not charging issue can happen because you might be using a counterfeit battery, the counterfeit batteries are not compatible with the iRobot Roomba models, and it won’t be able to charge it or read the battery status and might show the error. So make sure you use the genuine iRobots battery for your Roomba vacuum cleaner.

If you are using a genuine battery, then keep the following things in check while charging because it might affect the charging f your Roomba vacuum cleaner:

  • Make sure the Roomba is charging at room temperature; never charge it excessively hot or cold.
  • Ensure it is not charging near a radiator, baseboard heater or heating vent.

Clean the trash bin and filter

The Roomba vacuum cleaner works with the help of a motor and a filter; when the filter gets clogged, the motor also stops. So cleaning the trash bin and filter might help you resolve the issue. Follow the steps below to clean the trash bin and filter of your Roomba vacuum cleaner:

  • Remove the bin by pressing the bin release icon on the back of your Roomba vacuum cleaner.
  • Press the bin door release button to open the bin door and then clean the bin.
  • Remove the filter on the left side of the bin, then clean it.
  • Place the filter back in and close the bin.

Contact Support

If your problem is not resolved, then you must contact iRobots customer support.

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