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Rubrik rolls out $10 million ransomware recovery warranty in India

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To counter the escalating threat of ransomware attacks in India, cybersecurity firm Rubrik has introduced a $10 million Ransomware Recovery Warranty program for qualified customers in India.

The move aims to recover and restore business-critical operations during an attack while reinforcing customer confidence in the company’s ability.

Ransomware attacks have become a global industry estimated at $8.4 trillion, posing as one of the most significant threats to economies worldwide. India is particularly at risk of such attacks, especially when the government incentivises people to use digital technologies.

“Bringing our Ransomware Recovery Warranty to India is an imperative step towards reinforcing trust and demonstrating unwavering global support to our customers in the battle against cyber threats,” said Bipul Sinha, co-founder and CEO, Rubrik.

The ransomware threat is menacing in India and other developing countries.

Recently, India was hit by many ransomware attacks. In June, Granules India suffered a data breach by the LockBit hacker group. In January, the infamous BlackCat ransomware targeted Solar Industries India and stole 2TB of data. In October last year, the Hive ransomware gang attacked Tata Power and stole employee data.

A cursory look at the number of ransomware attacks on Indian soil reminds us of the intensity of such attacks and their implications on national and corporate security.

“Protecting against ransomware attacks is a top priority for organizations today,” said Sendil Kumar, Chief Technology Officer at Shriram Capital Ltd. “With cybersecurity more important than ever, offerings like this instil even more trust.”

Rubrik is a cybersecurity company headquartered in Palo Alto, California, helping organisations against cyberattacks. Founded in 2014, the company is looking to offer additional incentives to its clients in India.

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