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Samsung unveils new dual-foldable and slidable OLED displays

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Samsung has revealed several new OLED displays at the ongoing Display Week 2022 event, including dual-foldable and slideable displays. The company also showed off a 6.7-inch slideable OLED display that extends upwards compared to existing horizontal stretching displays. 

The Flex G OLED display can fold inwards twice into a more compact form factor, while the Flex S OLED can fold either way. A 12.4-inch slideable display was also unveiled, which can expand from either side to go from 8.1-inches to 12.4-inches. 

The company also displayed a foldable laptop called the Flex Note. Both faces of this clamshell device are screens, one of which becomes a keyboard for regular use, and the other retains its functionality as a screen. Other than this, Flex Slide and Flex Roll displays were announced that slide and roll into bigger displays, respectively. 

The new folding screens might take some time to trickle down to consumer-level devices | Source: Samsung

It isn’t certain which of these display technologies will come to Samsung products in the future or when as there’s no time frame announced for any such products. However, considering the improvements, it could be a significant time before we see these displays trickle down to consumer-level devices. 

Overall, the following displays were on the stage at Display Week from Samsung:

  • Samsung Flex Bar: folds horizontally like the Z Flip series.
  • Samsung Flex Square: Vertically folding display resembling the Z Fold series. 
  • Flex G: A triple folding screen where the shorter ends overlap and the screen can be folded either way. 
  • Flex S: A extensible screen where either end opens up into a bigger screen. 
  • Flex Note: A clamshell device entirely covered by screens on the inside. 
  • Flex Slide: Slideable display where both ends can be pulled to reveal a bigger display. 
  • Flex Roll: Rollable display allowing users to tuck away the screen area they don’t need. 

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