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Samsung Galaxy Fold is coming in September 2019 with these 2 changes

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, which was recalled soon after it was announced earlier this year due to several glitches in reviewer units, will finally hit the stands this September.

The Galaxy Fold has had quite a few issues with its folding display, including peeling off of a protective layer that was an integral part of the display and bulges appearing on the screen near the hinges that supported the folding mechanism. Some reviewers even complained about their devices shutting down entirely due to issues with the display.

However, since it’s a first-generation device of a new category of phones, it was bound to have some issues. Samsung recalled the device and has now announced that an improved version of the Galaxy Fold will be launched later this year in September.

The exact launch date will be shared by the company later.

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What has Samsung changed in the Galaxy Fold?

Samsung has made the following two design and construction improvements on the Galaxy Fold.

Protective Layer

Samsung Galaxy Fold: How things have unfolded so farThe top protective layer of the display — a design flaw that was the most common factor for the review units of the Galaxy Fold to break — has been extended. It now goes beyond the bezel, making it look like a part of the screen that isn’t meant to be removed.

An additional layer of metal has also been added underneath the Infinity Flex Display of the Galaxy Fold to reinforce and provide added protection to the display.


Samsung Galaxy Fold: How things have unfolded so far
Samsung Galaxy Fold’s hinge

The top and bottom hinges, which had some space that could allow dust and dirt to get beneath the device’s protective layer, has now been reinforced with protection caps. Furthermore, the company has also reduced the space between the hinge and the body to avoid dirt getting deposited inside the device.

In addition to these two hardware changes, Samsung says that they’re also working on improving the overall user experience of the Galaxy Fold by optimising apps and services for its foldable interface.

“Samsung has taken the time to fully evaluate the product design, make necessary improvements and run rigorous tests to validate the changes we made,” the company stated.

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