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Why is Samsung wireless charger blinking yellow? Quick Fix

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Wireless chargers have transformed the mobile charging process more convenient and faster. You can place your phone on the inductive charger, and there it starts charging your phone.

Samsung creates products with smart designs and high quality, and it is constantly evolving with time, but as you know, all technical devices are prone to some issues and errors once in a while.

In this article, we have discussed the causes of the blinking yellow light on Samsung wireless charger and six fixes to solve the issue.

What causes the blinking yellow light on the Samsung wireless charger?

Here are four possible causes that might be causing the yellow light issue on your Samsung wireless charger:

  • Battery is faulty
  • The charger is defective.
  • The phone cases might be interfering with the charging.
  • The device is not compatible with the wireless charger.

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How to fix the yellow blinking yellow light issue?

Here are six fixes to resolve the blinking yellow light issue in Samsung wireless charger:

Check the battery of the phone

Your phone’s battery may be damaged, and that is why the wireless charger is unable to pump up the charge in your phone, so try checking your phone’s battery by plugging it with a normal wired charger and letting it charge or seek the help of a professional to check the battery condition.

The charger is defective

Sometimes the charger you bought can come out to be a defective piece, which is why it cannot charge your phone, so replace the wireless charger.

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NFC is interfering

NFC (Near-field communication) helps you make contactless payments, which can be a reason for the blinking yellow light issue as it can interfere with the charging of the phone. So disable the NFC and try charging your phone again.

Remove phone cover

Your phone cover might be blocking the transition of power from the charger to the phone, so remove it and place it back on the charger.

The device is not compatible

It might be possible that the device you are using is incompatible with wireless charging, so try changing the device.

Check the wireless charger power cord for damage

The wireless charger might be unable to charge your phone because it is not getting enough power supply, which might happen because the power cord is damaged. So check the power cord and if it is damaged then replace it.

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