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Samsung wireless charger is blinking yellow: Quick Fix

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Wireless charging is extremely convenient and, with time, is getting faster as well. However, it still isn’t perfect, and quite often, you might run into problems that aren’t exactly easy to resolve. 

In this article, we’re looking at why your Samsung wireless charger is blinking yellow and five ways you can fix the issue.

Why is Samsung wireless charger blinking yellow?

Since most wireless chargers don’t have screens, LED colour codes often indicate errors. In this case, a yellow blinking LED means that your charger is in abort mode, and the charger’s output is disabled.

This could happen because of a number of reasons including but not limited to faulty power bricks and cables.

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How to fix this Samsung wireless charger issue?

Here are a few solutions to fix the Samsung wireless charger blinking yellow issue.

Incompatible cable or adaptor

The pad blinking yellow could well be because of an incompatible power brick or cable. Try swapping either or both of them out to see if that helps your cause.

Weak wall adaptor

Even if the wall adaptor is compatible with the charging pad, if it’s not powerful enough to keep up with the power demand for both the phone and the charging pad, you’re going to run into problems. Make sure you’re using a power brick with enough power to power the pad that is, at least 3 Amps.

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Remove any obstructions

If you’ve got a rather bulky case on your device, try removing it to see if your phone charges then. Wireless charging can be impeded by plastic or silicone cases at times, especially if the charging pad is weak. 

Disable NFC

While NFC makes life a lot easier at times, it can get in the way of wireless charging as well. Just toggle the NFC off on your phone, wait for a couple of minutes and then turn it back on before placing your phone on the pad.

Remove other electronics from the charging field

If you’ve got any other electronic devices placed in the charging field, they might interfere with the charging pad. Try moving your wireless charger to an isolated place and see if it works. 

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