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How to see who likes you on Tinder?

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Tinder has been the prime dating app for as long as dating apps have been around. The concept of swiping has become synonymous with online dating thanks to the revolution that Tinder brought along. 

The app also features increasing levels of control in terms of what you can appear as and who you can match within the app. Two subscription packs are generally available globally, Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold, and another called Tinder Platinum, which is being piloted in a few countries. 

While the Plus pack only lets you swipe without limit, change your location and some other basic things, the Gold package enables you to see who has liked without you needing to lift a finger to swipe — so you can skip the queue and match with them directly. You can read more about the difference between the three Tinder subscriptions by clicking the link below.

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Here’s how to find who likes you on Tinder

As mentioned above, the app keeps track of all the profiles that have already right-swiped you. If you aren’t subscribed to Tinder Gold or Platinum, you would keep on swiping on the card stack until you eventually swipe right on said profiles and then find a match. Even then, there’s a chance that you might swipe left (mistakes happen) and not match at all.

With Tinder Gold, you can see all the profiles that have liked you and match with them straight. The process is rather simple:

  • Fire up Tinder, get your profile in order and start swiping.
  • As soon as someone swipes right on you, you’ll get a notification in your Top Pics tab under Likes.
  • To match with someone, swipe right on their card, or tap on the profile to know more about your potential match.
How to see who likes you on Tinder? | Candid.Technology

And that’s how easy Tinder Gold makes it to match and browse through profiles of people who are into you. Now swipe, have some fun and if your date is into tech or needs technical support of any kind, be sure to refer them back to us.

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