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Signal on Android gets a new threaded view

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The Signal Android app has gotten a new update introducing a proper thread view, allowing users to see all the replies to a specific message in one place. 

Signal already has a reply feature that lets you reply to specific messages in a chat. However, these aren’t grouped together as a single thread. This is fixed by the new update, which adds the optional threaded conversation view. 

Now a speech bubble icon will appear next to a message that has received any replies. Signal will pull up all the replies to that specific message as soon as you tap the button. 

There is, however, a limitation to this new feature. You can’t add new replies to a particular thread when you’re inside the new threaded conversation view. For that, users must close the threaded view and return to the chat to reply to the original message as usual. 

This particular approach to threads isn’t exactly unique, with Apple implementing a similar feature in iMessage back in 2020. However, considering how low-key threads can be easily missed in some apps like Slack, keeping them easily visible might just be the best way to go. 

Signal is one of the best apps if you’re looking to communicate securely with people; however, alongside its privacy features, the app keeps introducing new quality of life improvements that have helped bring the app up to the level of its more popular competitors, Telegram and Whatsapp. 

In a recent update, Signal also introduced a chatbot that automatically becomes part of your chat list and alerts users of all the new features with every release. The bot is muted by default so as not to spam your notifications and can be blocked like a regular contact if you don’t want any updates. 

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Yadullah Abidi

Yadullah Abidi

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