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What is SM-DP+ address? Everything you need to know

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iPhones weren’t exactly known for multiple SIM support until so long ago. However, with the advent of eSIMs, all iPhones after iPhone XS support a dual-SIM setup. 

However, as simple as an eSIM sounds, the process does require dealing with a few things before you can get your eSIM up and running. In this article, we’re talking about what is SM-DP address and everything else you need to know about it, so you don’t have to spend hours trying to get your eSIM working. 

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What is SM-DP?

SM-DP stands for Subscription Management Root-Discovery Service and is used to connect consumer eSIM devices to a mobile network of the user’s choice. 

This address is used to fetch the final eSIM profile created for your particular line and device by the network operator. You can then download and apply this profile to get your eSIM working and connected to the carrier’s network without any hassles. 

While usually, devices just download the required profiles over the air as soon as you enter your eSIM details, SM-DP addresses come in handy in case devices can’t locate the required settings and have to download them manually, especially when it comes to setting up eSIM connections on iPhones. 

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Finding SM-DP Address

There are two main ways of finding your SM-DP address

Scan the QR code on the activation voucher

More often than not, when you apply for an eSIM, you will get a small activation voucher containing all the necessary information you need to get your SIM up and running. This usually includes a QR code which links to your SM-DP address used to get the final eSIM profile. 

Contact your operator

If you didn’t get an activation voucher or yours didn’t come with a QR code or any other means to fetch your SM-DP address, your best bet is to get in touch with your network operator and let them take you through the activation procedure. 

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