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Snapchat for web rolls out in 5 countries

Snapchatters can now pick up their conversations where they left off on Snapchat for web, available on in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK and USA.

People can now chat and video call from their desktops using Snapchat’s web application. Messaging features like chat reactions and chat reply are rolling out at launch, with Lenses to follow soon.

Snapchat for web will only be available to Snapchat+ subscribers in USA, UK and Canada. Everyone in Australia and New Zealand will have access to the app’s web version. A global rollout is also expected in the future.

Snapchat currently claims to have around 332 million daily active users, and it rolled out the Snapchat+ subscription last month in USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, UAE and Saudi Arabia for $3.99 per month. The availability of Snapchat on the web for paid subscribers in three of the five countries where the web version rolls out indicates that the company is leaning towards monetising its userbase.

Snapchat for web rolls out in 5 countries

Snapchat Lenses was introduced to bring AR experience to the platform. With the launch of the web platform and an expected rollout of Lenses soon, it looks like Snapchat is poised to compete with other video calling and chatting apps offering a similar experience — Discord and Whatsapp, among others.

According to the California-based social networking app, over 100 million people used the voice and video calling feature in April 2022.

“We’re excited to offer a new way for our community to keep conversations going on their computers, where they’re already working, learning, and browsing,” Snapchat announced on Monday.

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