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Top 7 Solarmovie alternatives

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Numerous sites on the internet let people stream movies and/or TV shows for free. However, owing to copyright infringements, not all of them manage to stay online for long.

In this article, we’re bringing you the top seven Solarmovie alternatives for you to enjoy movies whenever you want. 


Fmovies is by far one of the most popular free movie streaming sites out there. The site features a clean layout with not a lot of ads intruding on your watching experience. They also have a pretty decent international selection of movies. 

Top 7 Solarmovie alternatives | Candid.Technology

Downloads are usually pretty quick unless you’re looking for a particular movie that’s not so popular.

You can visit Fmovies here

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Like Fmovies in many ways, Allmovie is a slightly more powerful movie ‘search engine’ and streaming website. What sets it apart from other free streaming sites is the small excerpts it carries about each movie on the platform. 

Top 7 Solarmovie alternatives | Candid.Technology

You can read a bit about any movie before you start watching — a nice touch in case you can’t decide what to pick from their huge collection. 

You can visit Allmovie here


Consider this site, Fmovies, except with slightly more global server reach and a few ads thrown in here and there. Like the original Fmovies site, you can categorise movies based on IMDB ratings, country of production, cast, director and more.

Top 7 Solarmovie alternatives | Candid.Technology

The collection is also massively similar to Fmovies. Since they have more servers, you do get slightly better streaming and download speeds. 

You can visit Bmovies here

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While they don’t quite have the enormous movie collection that Solarstream did, they do provide an ad-free experience with some pretty decent download and/or streaming speeds should you decide to try the site. 

Top 7 Solarmovie alternatives | Candid.Technology

The layout is rather simple and you wouldn’t think much of it at first sight but it’s a good place to check out if you’re hunting for a movie. 

You can visit GoStream here


If you’ve ever tried download a movie using torrents, you must have heard of the infamous Yify site. The site has legendary status amongst pirates worldwide for having probably the largest movie collection you can find. 

Top 7 Solarmovie alternatives | Candid.Technology

Yify.TV is just a streamable version of the same. You get the same movie collection and pretty much the same layout. However, instead of downloading a movie or having torrent software stream it for you, you can do that straight on the site. 

You can visit Yify.TV here

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Another rather popular movie streaming and downloading site, 123Movies, has many proxies going around the internet, which might make it difficult to find the actual site itself. However, once you do, it’s all smooth sailing from there. 

Top 7 Solarmovie alternatives | Candid.Technology

The collection is impressive for a site this basic. The pop-up ads, however, can be quite intrusive.

You can visit 123Movies here


Last but not least, we have Cmovies. It’s a well-polished, fast site with a surprisingly good user interface and a huge collection of international movies to pick from. 

Top 7 Solarmovie alternatives | Candid.Technology

The streaming and downloading speeds are both quite good, and you can pick out your movie of choice by sorting through IMDB ratings as well. 

You can visit Cmovies here

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