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11 best free Sports Streaming sites

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Sports are watched by millions across the world and as a result, sports streaming sites have always been favourites as they not only give you a way to watch your top sports, they let you do that for free.

In this article, we’re going over the top 11 free sports streaming sites you can log on to right now to watch any sports ranging from Football, Cricket, Rugby, Hockey, Boxing, F1, MotoGP, among others.

Most of these sites might violate copyright laws as sports streams as mostly properties of their respective broadcasters. We do not support or encourage breaking any sorts of laws, cyber or otherwise. Please check your local laws before visiting any such sites to avoid getting into trouble. 


If you’re just looking for a quick and free way to reach your favourite football, baseball or basketball match in time, this is the website for you.

11 best free Sports Streaming sites | Candid.Technology

Apart from the aforementioned sports, you can also find boxing, tennis and hockey. The site doesn’t have a lot of ads or sometimes any ads and the streaming works okay for the most part.

You can visit Stream2watch here

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Bosscast is a casting site that offers free stream link to popular sports broadcasting channels. This means that you’ll be able to watch your matches exactly the way they’d be broadcasting on TV or streaming online. 

11 best free Sports Streaming sites | Candid.Technology

Casting from multiple sports broadcasters also helps them cover pretty much every sport on the planet.

You can visit Bosscast here


Sportlemon is a simplistic site containing a wide variety of sports including motorsports as well. The site interface is straighforward and all you have to do is simply look up the sport you want and click on a stream.

11 best free Sports Streaming sites | Candid.Technology

The streams generally work just fine but you might run into buffering issues at times. There are also a few adds that show up at random, but nothing too distracting. 

You can visit Sportlemon here

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This site is almost identical to Sportlemon, except it covers a few more sports and has a slightly better looking UI with less ads. In terms of sports, you’re looking at more than 12 sports streams including football, motorsports. boxing, NFL and others. 

11 best free Sports Streaming sites | Candid.Technology

The site even lets users add their own stream addresses, in case you were feeling like doing some community service and even as a neat widget that you can use to integrate their streams into your own site. 

You can visit StreamHunter here


Sportrar.TV is another simplistic site that’s built around a single purpose, streaming sports with the minimum hurdles. Most popular sports such as football, baseball, basketball and boxing are available on the site to watch.

11 best free Sports Streaming sites | Candid.Technology

The streams are pretty consistent however just like with any unofficial source, they can go down at a moment’s notice or have buffering issues at times. 

You can visit here

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Sportsurge doesn’t have a lot of sports under its belt but the streams are super consistent and work without any issues. You might face buffering issues here and there but that’s all. Keep in mind that the site is still in beta. 

11 best free Sports Streaming sites | Candid.Technology

They cast from the most popular sports broadcasters in the world, including Sky Sports and ESPN and hence, the streams are one of the best you can find. You can watch motorsports, MMA, NFL and NBA among others.

You can visit Sportsurge here


If all you’re looking for is to watch a football match with your buddies without having to worry about the stream going down or running into buffering issues, FromHots will take care of that.

11 best free Sports Streaming sites | Candid.Technology

The site pulls numeruos streams from multiple sources so that if one isn’t working, users can immediately find an alternative stream.  You can watch hundreds of matches live from all across the world. 

You can visit FromHots here

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Initially the site was designed to simply give live score updates for different sports. However, it became so popular that eventually they started offering sports streams as well.

11 best free Sports Streaming sites | Candid.Technology

You can watch football, hockey, cricket, basketball and tennis from all over the world in here. There might be a few annoying ads here and there, but with just how good the rest of the site works, we can’t really complain. 

You can visit LiveScore here


Anoter simplistic, no-nonsense sports streaming site, VIPLeague offers more than 22 sports stream, including Formula 1, NASCAR, UFL, NBA, NFL, football and hockey.

11 best free Sports Streaming sites | Candid.Technology

The site is very simple and easy to navigate and the streams works surprisingly well. 

You can visit VIPLeague here

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Watch ESPN

ESPN is one of the biggest names in sports broadcasting and with its dedicated sports streaming network, watching your favourite matches on Watch ESPN is a breeze.

11 best free Sports Streaming sites | Candid.Technology

Not only the site has a slick interface with everything well organised. You can watch NBA, NFL, MMA, Soccer, NCAAF and NCAAM. There might be a few ads here and there but for the price of free, we can’t really complain.

You can visit Watch ESPN here

Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go is another well polished website with high quality streams that’ll run with no issues at all. The site is also available as an app for Android and iOS and even on consoles. 

11 best free Sports Streaming sites | Candid.Technology

Note that the content you can access might be restricted depending upon the location you’re logging on to the site from. You can watch Soccer, MLB, NFL, NASCAR, UFC among other popular sports. 

You can visit Fox Sports Go here

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