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Spectrum error codes explained

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Spectrum is an internet television service owned by Charter Communications, it is one of the best television services in the US. Spectrum TV stream offers a selection of major cable channels and on-demand content that you can watch through mobile apps and smart TVs. It also provides third-party services like HBO Max.

Just like any other app users also face errors while using the Spectrum TV app, some of those errors are easy to fix on your own and for some, you might need to contact your provider.

In this article, we have listed eight relevant error codes shown in the spectrum app and some easy ways to fix those errors.

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Spectrum TV app error codes

There are many error codes in the Spectrum TV app but you are most likely to get these eight most common error codes, so we have listed those most common error codes and their fixes below.

Error CodesReasonSolution
WLC 1006You are not connected to your Home network.Some channels and programs are available only when you are connected to your home network, make sure to connect with your rin-home WIFI and restart the app.
WLI 1010Unable to sign in. you might be the wrong username or password.Make sure that you are using the correct login details.
WLI 1027Auto-Access denied; the app is not allowing the auto sign-in.Sign in manually by using your username and password.
RGE 1001Service Unavailable; means you are not connected to the internet.Check the internet connection and then simply restart your router, if you are still unable to connect to your WIFI then contact your internet service provider.
RGU 1007Information Unavailable; the information you searched for is unavailable.Restart Spectrum TV and if it doesn’t resolve it then use the search feature to find the program you are looking for.
RLP 1025, RVP 1025, RCD 1025If you see any of these error codes that means either your Roku device or its software is outdated or the spectrum TV app version is outdated.Update your device and software.
RLP 1035Program Unavailable; means the program you are accessing is not available.You can try restarting your TV and if this doesn’t resolve it then contact your provider.
SLP 999Unable to complete the request; might have a weak internet connection.Check your internet connection and try restarting your router and then restarting your TV.

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