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Spotify plans to launch in-app purchases on iPhones after March 7

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Starting March 7th, Spotify users in the EU will no longer have to deal with complicated processes when subscribing or buying content through the Spotify app on their iPhones.

The catalyst for this change is the Digital Markets Act (DMA), a regulatory framework that has changed digital markets in the EU.

One of the most prominent issues Spotify addresses is the inability to communicate transparently with users about subscription offerings, upgrades, and product prices within the app. Apple’s stringent rules, which prohibited such disclosures, created a labyrinthine consumer experience.

Under the DMA, Spotify users can look forward to a much-improved experience, with the ability to receive direct communications within the app regarding subscription offerings, product prices, promotions, and more.

The company is gearing up to provide information on Premium subscriptions and audiobooks and even introduce features like superfan clubs, all without the encumbrance of Apple’s previous restrictions.

EU’s Digital Markets Act restricts uncompetitive practices by gatekeepers like Apple.

Notably, Spotify will now be able to facilitate seamless and secure in-app payments, eliminating the need for users to navigate external processes for purchasing subscriptions or audiobooks. This promises a more user-friendly experience and liberates Spotify from the mandatory 30% tax imposed by Apple — a practice now explicitly prohibited under the DMA.

In addition to these charges, Spotify is set to empower users to purchase audiobooks directly from the app, offering a streamlined process and a comprehensive view of pricing options.

Furthermore, the DMA opens the door for Spotify and other apps to diversify its offerings, with plans to allow users to download other Spotify apps directly onto their iPhones. This move paves the way for superfan clubs, alternative app stores, and accessibility for creators through apps like Spotify for Artists and Spotify for Podcasters.

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