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Spotify rolls out Top and Trending Podcasts charts for mobile

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Spotify is rolling out the top and trending podcasts charts, which will showcase a list of podcasts that are either popular overall or have been gaining listeners faster than others, on the Spotify app for Android and iOS in 26 markets worldwide.

Users in USA, UK, Brazil, Australia, Sweden, Germany and Mexico will also see top podcasts separated by categories like true crime, health and wellness, among others.

While the top podcasts chart will list the top 200 podcast shows that have been performing well overall in the selected region and category, the trending podcasts chart will list the top 50 podcasts that have been growing rapidly.

The top podcasts are selected based on the region of the listener and how many people have listened to the podcasts recently.

This new feature also brings something for the podcasters, who will be notified if one of their podcasts is either trending or in the top charts and they can use a visual card from their dashboard to turn the notifications into shareable elements for social networks so that their fans can be alerted to their progress.

Spotify rolls out Top and Trending Podcasts charts for mobile

.”There are more than 1 million podcasts on our platform, which means there’s more than a handful of options when you’re on the hunt for a new show. The Top and Trending charts will help listeners categorize and discover their new favourites,” Spotify announced.

Spotify also launches in 13 new markets

Spotify has also announced that they’re launching in 13 new markets, bringing up the total number of markets it’s available to 92. The new markets across Europe include Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia and Ukraine.

“Spotify’s arrival in Russia, as well as the additional 12 European countries, is a big step forward in our overall global growth strategy. A fundamental piece of that strategy is staying connected to global culture while allowing room for local adaptation, and we’ve certainly achieved that with these launches,” said Gustav Gyllenhammar, VP of markets and subscriber growth at Spotify.

Earlier this month, Spotify launched a new paid plan called Premium Duo, which allows two people to get individual accounts under one plan for $12.99 per month in USA and INR 149 in India

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