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Steam card scams explained

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In today’s world, where most transactions happen online, scammers find new ways to exploit people. One popular scam causing a lot of trouble is the Steam card scam. This tricky scheme targets the gaming community’s enthusiasts; the scammers convince them to buy Steam gift cards and give the codes on the cards to the scammers.

In this article, we have discussed the Steam card scam, the types of scams, and tips to avoid Steam card scams.

What are Steam card scams?

Steam card scams are deceptive schemes designed to take advantage of an individual’s trust to steal money or personal information. Scammers pretend to be real companies and fool people into buying and sharing Steam gift card codes.

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How does it work?

Scams involving Steam gift cards can come through text messages, phone calls, or emails claiming a problem with your account. These scammers might push you to buy a Steam gift card and then tell them the secret code or PIN. If they succeed, the scammer can sell the gift card online or use it to buy things. But that’s only a small part of how this scam works.

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Types of Steam card scams

Below, we have explained a few types of Steam gift card scams.

Steam Phishing Emails

One common way people get scammed with gift cards is through emails that pretend to be from Steam. The scammers act like they’re from Steam and say something is wrong with your account. They might also offer you special deals and a link to claim them. But if you click the link, trouble happens. Your credit card information can get stolen and used by the scammers.

Steam Gift Card Exchange Scams

Some scammers act like trading platforms for Steam gift cards. When you try to trade with them, they steal your card details. They might also promise to pay you with a Steam wallet code for a trade, but they send you fake codes instead.

Steam Wallet Gift Card Payment Scams

Be careful if someone asks you to pay with Steam gift cards when buying something online, like a car. It’s suspicious for a seller to want gift cards as payment. If you pay with gift cards, the seller might disappear, and you’ll lose your money and the item you wanted to buy.

Fake PayPal Account Invoices

Scammers even use PayPal to trick people. They might send you an invoice claiming you owe them money and tell you to pay with a Steam gift card. If you’re not sure about it, don’t pay. Scammers might also convince you to share Steam codes, promising to pay you back through PayPal, but they won’t.

Steam Gift Card Purchase Scam

Some people fall for scams when they try to buy Steam gift cards. Fake websites can look real and offer gift cards at super low prices. For example, they might say you can get a $100 Steam gift card for only $45. But if you pay, they send you a fake card, and you can’t use it or find a way to raise a complaint.

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Tips to avoid Steam card scams

Below are some tips to help you avoid Stem gift card scams.

  • Stick to a Reliable Platform for Purchasing Steam Gift Cards: Choose one trustworthy place to buy your Steam gift cards. Instead of testing different options, sticking with a platform you feel confident about is safer.
  • Don’t Click on Suspicious Links: Don’t click on strange links. Always make sure a link is really from a real company before clicking. Clicking on a link that’s part of a scam could put your personal information at a big risk.
  • Don’t share your Steam wallet codes: Keep them to yourself unless you intend to use them as gifts. Sharing your codes should be a decision you make for yourself only. If someone requests your code, be careful, as it’s likely an attempt to scam you.
  • Use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for Your Steam Account: Boost the security of your Steam account by enabling two-factor authentication. This will notify you if anyone tries to access your account without your permission, adding an extra layer of protection.
  • Save Your Steam Gift Card Receipts: Keep the receipts when you buy Steam gift cards. If you ever get tricked by a gift card scam, these receipts can help you complain to the Steam support team and show them what happened.

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