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How to find T-Mobile order status? “Being processed” explained

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T-mobile is an American wireless network operator that provides wireless voice and data services. The company offers different plans for calling and data, users can select the plan of their choice, and T-mobile offers plans for international uses.

T-mobile also sells phones from brands like Google, iPhone and OnePlus; the company offers great deals on mobile and Sim card plans.

In this article, we have discussed how to find the order status on T-mobile and also explained the “being processed” status.

How to find T-Mobile order status through your account?

If you have ordered something from T-Mobile and want to check the order status, follow these steps to check the order status through your account:

  • Log in to your T-Mobile account.
  • Go to Shop and then click on the Order History tab.
  • Select the View order details on the order you want to check
  • You can see the order number and the status bar indicating that the order has been authorized, shipped, or is pending.
  • You can select the tracking number to view the order’s shipping status if the order has been shipped.

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How to check T-Mobile order status without logging into your account?

If you don’t want to login into your T-mobile account and still want to check your order status, here is a way for that too. You will need the order number and billing ZIP code.

Click here to check your T-Mobile order status
How to find T-Mobile order status? "Being processed" explained

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What does “being processed” order status mean?

The order status “being processed” means that T-Mobile has confirmed your details and payment information. They are getting the items from the warehouse, and they are being packed.

Sometimes the order status remains on “being processed” because your delivery might have been delayed because of some reasons; these reasons can be as follows:

  • The product wasn’t available in the regional centre where your order was received; they will get the product and then dispatch it to your location, which may take some time.
  • There can be package damage or loss or a road accident.
  • Issues with the T-Mobile system might delay the package dispatch.

If the order status dosen’t change from “being processed” for a long time, contact T-Mobile.

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