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What does ASL mean on TikTok?

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TikTok is a short video-making platform that allows users to submit videos worldwide. With Gen Z coming up with new and unique abbreviations daily, one can only try to keep up with them. Quoting it in their day-to-day lives, TikTok users continuously keep coming up with new terms to add to the internet’s vast dictionary of slang.

In this article, we go over one of these abbreviations, namely, ASL. This particular acronym is also used on other social media platforms like Omegle, where users are anonymous.

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What’s ASL on TikTok?

Being used by Gen Z and now by the emerging Generation Alpha, ASL is not a relatively new term.

Everywhere else and on TikTok, ASL stands for “Age, Sex, Location”. However, some TikTokers also use the term as an abbreviation for “as hell”. For example, “Today was dope asl”.

ASL is also popular for its use in the movie “Clueless”, where it stands for Amateur Skateboarding League. Another well-known full form of ASL is American Sign Language.

Why is ASL used?

ASL is usually used to convey a user’s age, sex, and location quickly. Mostly used on sites where users are anonymous and hidden, the acronym is asked to ascertain the basic information of another user quickly. It is, however, up to the user to unveil their personal information.

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ASL has been around for quite some time. Used in chatrooms since the early days of the internet, it helped identify users and their gender. In Omegle, ASL is usually asked at the beginning of every conversation. If you are willing to share, people can use this information to learn more about you. However, you should not feel pressured to give out your real information. Keep it short and try not to give much personal information, especially where you live, as that can lead to doxxing and even stalking.

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