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Toll prices are now available on Google Maps

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After announcing the addition of estimated toll prices for planned routes earlier this year, Google Maps is finally rolling the feature out on the Android and iOS apps accounting for around 2000 roads in the US, India, Indonesia and Japan. 

The rollout has taken a bit longer than expected but was finally confirmed by Google on Tuesday. The feature will give users an option to sow toll prices with or without toll passes, considering toll prices fluctuate based on the payment method used. By selecting the Avoid tolls option in the settings, users can avoid routes with toll roads as well. 

The feature works by fetching the required information from local tolling authorities. Google is also looking at factors like toll passes, what day of the week you’re travelling on, and how much the toll is expected to cost at the specific time of the user’s crossing. 

One thing to keep in mind is that the feature simply shows a combined total of what you might have to pay in tolls throughout your trip. The feature can’t yet show individual toll prices, nor does it account for things like vehicle types, which often causes significant differences in toll prices or add-in discount passes if they exist for a particular transit method. 

While Google says that support for more countries is coming soon, the company hasn’t mentioned which countries will be getting the feature or when exactly. 

Google Maps is seeing constant updates that are adding more and more information for its users, with the most recent update being AQI overlays around areas showing the air quality in a particular region using data collected from government agencies and private sensors alike. 

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