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Top 8 anime streaming sites

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Went out to watch Dragon Ball Super Brolly with a bunch of my mates last week. I thoroughly enjoyed it. One of my friends who weren’t even into anime liked it and also ended up asking me for some suggestions on what else to watch and where to find them. It got me thinking hey, have I made a list of anime streaming sites? That’d be super useful, and hence here I am with my top ten anime streaming sites.

For the ill-informed, Anime is a cartoon based off of Japanese manga (Graphic novels similar to comic books) they have a very distinctive animation style with quirky characters.

Unlike traditional cartoons, animes of Japan was way ahead tackling some severe philosophical subjects and many other adult-oriented subjects and themes; this made them very popular both with the Japanese community and later the world.

With anime, it’s not just cute cartoons; there’s something for everyone — crime, mystery, drama, noir, and sci-fi. If you are willing to explore beyond the popular ones, you can find some fantastic content. Without further ado lets get on with the list.

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Top 8 anime streaming sites every anime lover must know about

9Anime is a popular anime streaming site. It is free, so casuals can get into the anime culture. 9anime offers almost all popular series, though subs and HD video quality may not be available for all the series.

You can find 9Anime here

Anime Freak. Tv

Top 8 anime streaming sites every anime lover must know about

Anime Freak is one of the oldest sites that streams anime content. You will be able to see all of the most popular shows and even some exclusives too. Better yet, they also have an Android app that you can use to stream seamlessly on the go.

You can find Anime Freak.TV here

Anime Nova

Top 8 anime streaming sites every anime lover must know about

When you’re looking for free anime you cannot ignore Anime Nova (previously know as Anime44). Anime Nova offers a rich catalogue of anime neatly organised and described to help you choose the ones that you will fancy.

You can find Anime Nova here


Top 8 anime streaming sites every anime lover must know about

KissAnime is one of the OGs when it comes to anime streaming. They offer a vast variety of anime for your viewing pleasure. They also have a very vocal forum where you can interact with other users and share your opinions and get recommendations too.

You can find KissAnime here


Top 8 anime streaming sites every anime lover must know about

Ok, now if you’re ready to graduate to a broader catalogue of anime and don’t mind shelling out some coin for it, Crunchyroll is for you. Crunchyroll is like the Netflix of anime. It has the biggest catalogue of anime with subs, dubs, and in HD quality too.

But do note Crunchyroll is acquired by VRV, which is another anime streaming site and now being phased out–  so you might face some technical issues in the future.

You can find Crunchyroll here


Top 8 anime streaming sites every anime lover must know about

VRV is streaming serviced based out of California, USA. They offer Anime and other popular cartoons. Although they aren’t as popular as others in the list they have recently bought Crunchyroll so you will find them to be competing with the best in the business in the future.

You can find VRV here


Top 8 anime streaming sites every anime lover must know about

Yes, we said Hulu. Out of all the mainstream streaming services Hulu has some quality titles to offer, and as a bonus, you will also get exclusive access to their other non-anime content too.

You can find Hulu here


Top 8 anime streaming sites every anime lover must know about

Funimation is a premium anime streaming service like Crunchyroll, which is owned by Sony. With a vast catalogue of titles and genres to choose from, it is much easier to navigate and prone to less technical issues compared to Crunchyroll. But do note that Funimation is not available in every country at the time writing.

You can find Funimation here

Anime recommendations

Now since you know where to find Anime, here are some of my suggestions to get you started.

  • Attack on Titan: AOT follows the story of two brothers and their fight against cannibalistic humanoid creatures.
  • Cowboy Beebop: CB follows a group of bounty hunting misfits on space with subtle philosophical themes.
  • Death Note: Forget the Netflix live-action adaptation — this is the real deal.
  • One Punch man: An interesting anime which flips the scripts on the superhero genre.
  • FullMetal Alchemist: This is a masterpiece which follows a tale of two brothers who dabble in the mystic arts to reanimate their dead mother.
  • InitialD: Love cars? Well, buckle up, ID follows Takumi and his life as he transforms from a humble tofu driver to a master driver.
  • Lovely Complex: LC follows the tale of two distinctive teenagers who learn to set aside their differences and grow together; it’s cute and funny and will tug your heartstrings.

Now you have the tools and suggestions to get into the world of anime. So, grab that blanket get some snacks and get comfy because it’s bing time.

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Mani Maaran

Mani Maaran