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Top 7 sites like Fiverr

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Fiverr is an online marketplace broadly used by freelancers and businesses alike. It lets buyers pay in advance for ‘gigs’ which might be anything from web design to content writing.

Earlier a gig used to cost only $5, hence the websites name. But over the years there has been the inclusion of various packages and payment structures depending on the services needed.

Fiverr is a space with a competitive community. However, freelancers can find alternatives to Fiverr which charges a 20% commission per gig. Sometimes the work exceeds the pay.

Businesses, at times, search for higher security and flexibility. Quality is paramount, and the work calls for a refined touch. This article covers the top seven alternatives to Fiverr, their specialities and who may benefit from them.


When talking about Fiverr alternatives, Upwork is probably the first platform many mention. People refer to Upwork as a scaled-up version of Fiverr.

Top 7 sites like Fiverr | Candid.Technology

The platform acts as an open marketplace with available connections for freelancers and posting for jobs. Upwork is also laced with better safety regulations for payments alongwith higher professional standards.

Upwork works a bit differently than Fiverr, letting freelancers post bids on the jobs business post about. Fiverr allows businesses to find the freelancer that fits their budget.

Communities of structural engineering, software development, and graphic designing, among others, are hosted on Upwork. The search process calls for entering detailed, fine-tuned specifics regarding your posting

Upwork has a large community of designers, probably because they’re one of the biggest freelance marketplaces. If the business is price-sensitive, they might also post a target price before a bid.

You can visit Upwork here

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Outsourcely is staffing and managing platform that has expertise in providing ‘remote labour’ to startups — rather than the usual the one-off project routine with freelancers.

Top 7 sites like Fiverr | Candid.Technology

Outsourcely sets a network of staff and managers for their customers using global workers at reduced costs. The alternative works for anybody who’s looking to form a long-term working relationship. Fiverr or the other alternatives are better suitors to one-off projects.

An unparalleled perk of Outsourcely is that as a worker you keep 100% of your earnings. Availing of their services, on the other hand, comes in different plans. The starter plan would cost a business $79/month, going all the up to the premium one costing $229/month.

Small and remote startups fit right into Outsourcely’s business model, owners hunting for temporary options might find themselves out of place.

You can visit Outsourcely here


PeoplePerHour is similar to Fiverr in terms of joining. Offering more security than Fiverr, an owner gets talent and security all with affordability.

Top 7 sites like Fiverr | Candid.Technology

The service locks deposits made by clients for the freelancers. The workers are guaranteed payment. PeoplePerHour has an abundance of competition, resulting in freelancers being undercut.

The company has the closest resembling model to Fiverr with a variety of skills available on all levels. Many projects can be managed at once on the Dashboard. This comes in handy when managing multiple outsourcing projects simultaneously.

You can visit PeoplePerHour here

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Guru is a business-centric networking platform focused on the more professional side of services and needs. Guru has safety features on par with Upwork and prioritises professionalism and security above anything else.

Top 7 sites like Fiverr | Candid.Technology

Guru isn’t the first choice for design freelancers. Communities of programming, copywriting and translation services dwell better on the platform.

A major drawback is Guru’s membership plans for freelancers. These plans range from $8.95/month to $39.95/month. An entry-level freelancer can simply out-pay, hence out-play their seasoned counterparts.

Like PeoplePerHour, Guru also allows for managing multiple projects on the dashboard simultaneously. Another upside is Guru’s secure internal system for payments and its time saving methods for communication.

You can visit Guru here


Toptal is ‘top talent’, abbreviated. They claim to include only the top 3% of the freelancers of any industry.

Top 7 sites like Fiverr | Candid.Technology

Toptal provides the highest quality of services for the highest of prices. The screening process includes passing a five-stage examination test consisting of personality tests, live screening, professional review, and language proficiency exams.

A Toptal service starts at a steep $60/hour. With the top freelance talent in the market working for you, there remains little room for disquietness.

You can visit Toptal here

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Freelancer has over 41 million contributors spanning 1350 disciplines. Freelancer covers almost every requirement posed by an owner.

Top 7 sites like Fiverr | Candid.Technology

The services are tuned towards working in continued relationships and often pursuing multiple ventures with the same freelancer. Payment structures allow hourly rates intertwined with partial payments on reaching certain milestones.

Freelancer allows correspondents to bid for eight listed jobs a month unless they’re subscribed to a paid membership. Their business model comprises of strict monitoring systems to apply the proper hourly rates.

Other features include visibility boosts for your postings. Hidden costs such as currency-conversion are also to be taken into consideration. The time tracking app allows for a safeguarded charging system and creates a straightforward experience.

You can visit Freelancer here


99designs is probably the best design-centric networking service. What they can’t compete with Fiverr in the super low-price points, they make up for it in design quality.

Top 7 sites like Fiverr | Candid.Technology

Graphic designing is the main focus of 99designs. The Recruiting process can be done in a traditional manner or by hosting contests.

One such contest has designers submit concepts requiring them to meet a particular brief. Bussinesses also get recieve free design consultation if unsure of their needs.

99designs has a money-back guarantee if the clients are dissatisfied with their final designs. Owners may filter out designers by skill level, language fluency or any desired parameters

Fiverr is still boasts a large community of freelancers. For someone seeking to place safer bets, checking out the alternatives becomes important. Besides some options might be better a fit for one’s resources and needs.

You can visit 99designs here

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