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How does Bumble work?

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Bumble is a location-based dating app where users get to showcase an aptly describing profile and are able to swipe through potential suitors.

Bumble reportedly has over 100 million users worldwide, and alongside being a dating app, Bumble also acts as a place for business networking (Bumble Bizz) and finding new friends (Bumble BFFs).

Both the sub-systems are inclusive in the app, and users can change the preferences to their will. This article will further explain how Bumble works, its algorithm, and some other features which help the users accentuate their profiles and experience.

How does the Bumble app function?

A right swipe on Bumble implies a ‘like’, whereas swiping left ‘rejects’ the profile. People ‘match’ when they’ve liked each other’s profiles. Women have to make the first move and see things moving on Bumble.

Users get to enter a 300 word or less Bio, add up to five pictures, share their music tastes, and enlist their jobs and workplaces. My Move Makers sees people answer 3 prompts to make themselves more accessible.

You lose your match if a conversation doesn’t begin within the first 24 hours of matching. Users with a premium subscription get to extend their response timeframe. There aren’t any time limits once both parties have indulged in the conversation.

The app also includes Voice and Video chat features, so people don’t have to share their phone numbers unwillingly. People can also change their Bubmle status to “virtual dating”. To activate this feature, follow the steps below.

  • From your home screen, tap on the top-right filter option.
  • Click on “Advanced Settings”.
  • Under “What dates are you comfortable going on”, select your desired kind.

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How does the Bumble algorithm work?

Nobody can jot down the specifics of Bumble’s algorithm, but users have noticed a pattern. Some theories regarding the Bumble algorithm include:

  • Up-front matching: People who have swiped right on you tend to show up first in your queue.
  • Popular profiling: Having a large number of ‘likes’ boosts a person’s reach.
  • Rewarding ‘good’ behaviour: Bumble longs for its users to be discerning and make informed choices instead of mindlessly swiping on every profile. More indiscriminate the swiping, lesser and lesser views for your profile.
  • App activity: People have claimed to have matched with an infrequent user on many occasions.

What is Bumble Boost?

Bumble Boost contains a set of premium features, making it easier and faster to find a match. Upgrading to Boost will get you the following set of features:

  • Use more than 2 filters at a time: This setting is ideal for metropolitan areas where the user base can be overwhelming at times. People can sort out their preferences by pre-screening for potential similarities. You can see profiles that are better suited to your criteria.
  • Limit your match queue: Bumble has a window called the Beeline where you can view the people who’ve ‘liked’ you. Using Boost, you can directly go through the profile and match with them directly.
  • Extending a match: A person who fails to check the app every day may extend their matches for however long with the “BusyBee” feature.
  • Re-connect with expired matches: If a match accidentally expires, the Rematch option lets users reconnect to their pairing.

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What are other paid Bumble features?

Other paid features include Bumble Spotlight and SuperSwipes. SuperSwipes are the Bumble equivalent of a Super Like on Tinder. Tapping on the yellow heart icon lets the user know they’ve been particularly liked.

One SuperSwipe costs 1 Bumble coin, whose prices vary on the purchased quantity. Spotlight is another Bubmle coin-based feature placing your profile higher up in the queue in your area. It costs 2 coins to get you 30 minutes of Spotlight.

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Should you use Bumble?

Bumble allows you to meet people from different walks of life. Bumble Bizz and BFFs in themselves have millions of users. Users who consider their privacy paramount can make use of the in-app calling services and still feel connected.

The idea seems to have clicked millions worldwide as Bumble has forayed into more of a community and meeting app than merely a dating app. Besides what all of its dating app competitors offer, Bumble goes a step forward and lets users search for friends instead and even potential business associates.

So, if you’re looking for making friends, meeting people for work or even date, Bumble is a steady option. However, if you’re looking to date, there are loads of dedicated apps out there, and depending on your geographical region, some might work better than the others for you — check them out in our article below.

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Pooshan Singh

Pooshan Singh