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Top 7 smart home apps for iPhone and Android users

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Everything has become smarter as technology has evolved. A mere tap can do wonders in the digital world; you can turn the heater at your home from a few kilometres away or toggle the lights at your place. Many other appliances that are present in your home may be smart and might collaborate with some cool smart home apps.

If you’re looking to get in on the Smart Home advantage, check out seven of the best smart home apps for Android and iOS, which will help you make the most out of your smart devices. 

Amazon Alexa

Developer: Amazon Mobile LLC | Size: 312.8 MB (iOS); Varies with device (Android) | Price:  Free

Alexa-enabled devices can be set up with Amazon Alexa through which you can create a shopping list, read some news, listen to music, and much more. The more you use Alexa, the more she understands your way of speaking, vocabulary, and other things. Check the status or keep control of all the compatible devices like lights, thermostats, and much more. You can also organise and edit your to-do list, shopping list, get up-to-date information about news and weather, and much more.

Download the Amazon Alexa app for iOS here, Android here

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Developer: Belkin | Size: 123.9 MB (iOS); 55 MB (Android) | Price:  Free

Get a hands-free control over your house’s lights, various appliances through the Wemo app. Your Wemo min, Lightswitch with Google Home or Amazon Echo. Switch on the lights at any particular time. The Away Mode feature available in this app will randomly turn your lights on or off, making it look like you are at home. Make your home smart by downloading this amazing app. 

Download the Wemo app for iOS here, Android here

Honeywell Home

Developer: Resideo Technologies, Inc. | Size: 352.9 MB (iOS); Varies with device (Android) | Price:  Free

Get your home products under easy control with a single tap through the Honeywell app. The do-it-yourself security makes it easier for you to install and control your products. D6 Pro Wi-Fi Ductless Controller, which is available only in the US can schedule temperature changes throughout the day. When the humidity is too high or low, then the app makes sure to alert you. Along with such reminders, it also tells you to clean air filters.  C1 Wi-Fi Security Camera lets you know what’s going on in your home. 

Download the Honeywell Home app for iOS here, Android here

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Developer: Nest Labs, Inc | Size: 329.2 MB (iOS); Varies with device (Android) | Price:  Free

The use of sensors, algorithms, and location by this app lets you control your Nest thermostat, Secure alarm system, and Nest Cam. As soon as your Nest Protect goes off, you are alerted about it. Even if your visitors on the door don’t ring the bell, you will still get notified through the Nest Hello. It also allows you to have a seamless conversation with someone who is at your door. Get alerted about smoke or carbon monoxide through Nest Protect. There are many more jaw-dropping features present in the app that you can discover. 

Download the Nest app for iOS here, Android here

Developer: | Size: 185.1 MB (iOS); 57 MB (Android) | Price:  Free

Get interactive security, energy management, video monitoring, and other automation features by downloading this app. See what’s going inside your house or business property through the help of this amazing app.  The security panel can be an arm or disarm as per your need. Set the temperature of your house, turn on or off the lights, lock or unlock the doors, and do much more around your house within a few taps with this app. 

Download the app for iOS here, Android here

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Philips Hue

Developer: Signify Netherlands B.V. | Size: 216.7 MB (iOS); Varies with device (Android) | Price:  Free

Have a fun experience with lights by using the Philips Hue app.  Organise your room lights, change the colour of the light according to your mood, and switch it on or off as per your need. It has a palette with 16 million colours. Set a specific time for your lights to be turned on or off. The voice assistant will make it easier to control the lights. 

Download the Philips Hue app for iOS here, Android here


Developer: Samsung Electronics | Size: 564 MB (iOS); 75 MB (Android) | Price:  Free

Connect and then control all your devices from a single app. Multiple devices can be grouped into a mode that lets your control each one of them simultaneously. A shared control feature is also available in which you can invite others to the location where your devices are registered. Receive the status of your devices on the app and control all your SmartThings-compatible devices with the utmost ease. 

Download the SmartThings app for iOS here, Android here

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