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Top 5 backpacks for tech lovers

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Every tech enthusiast is always on the lookout for the perfect tech backpack. This type of backpack has to be cool looking, sleek, must have some tech features and obviously, should be able to hold all the gadgets you throw in it safely.

In this article, we bring you the top five tech backpacks.

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HP Odyssey Backpack

Top 5 tech backpacks you can buy right now

Starting off with simple backpacks, the HP Odyssey looks pretty standard from the outside but take a look inside and you’ll see the difference.

The HP Odyssey is probably the most spacious backpack on this list. It has separate compartments for tablets, notebooks apart from a spacious centre compartment. The bag has a compartment on top as well to hold frequently used items.

The laptop sleeve is separate from the rest of the backpack and is located so to prevent theft. The bag is waterproof as well. So don’t worry about your gadgets when walking in the rain, speaking from personal experience.

The bag also has a hidden zipper just underneath the water bottle pocket. There are internal slots for stationary and a big mesh compartment as well.

Overall its a simple and reliable backpack. One you’ll never regret buying.

You can get the HP Odyssey here.

Fur Jaden Anti-Theft backpack

Top 5 backpacks for tech lovers

Fur Jaden has been all over Amazon with their anti-theft backpacks which featured USB charging ports too. I’ve used those bags in the past and while they’re good, they were just too small for anything bigger than a 15″ laptop and the charger.

Since then, Fur Jaden released a new version of the bag that fixes pretty much all problems. The new version has about 20liters of volume, which is ample enough for everyday use.

The bag carries on the 180-degree opening mechanism of the previous model. The inside has ample space for a bunch of accessories and books. There are multiple organizers available to carry all kinds of stuff.

The bag also has an external USB charging port. There are also pockets on the straps, which make for some added utility.

You can get the Fur Jaden Anit-Theft backpack here.

Gods Ghost

Top 5 backpacks for tech lovers

Gods is an Indian startup that came out with an amazing tech backpack for the Indian market. The Gods Ghost is pretty much adapted to every situation the typical Indian goes through. This backpack will take rain, hail, sunshine and rainbow without any issues.

It has a rear 180-degree opening that prevents against any thefts. The bag has heavy duty YKK zippers which are sure to last a lifetime.

The inside of the bag has a ton of small compartments to easily segregate your stuff. In terms of capacity, the bag is 22 litres in volume. It also has a concealed water bottle pocket.

You can get Gods Ghost here.

Seute Nylon Backpack

Top 5 backpacks for tech lovers

Don’t be fooled by the generic name, this backpack really packs a surprise. The backpack gets a one up immediately for looks. The exterior looks really good, the fabric is nice to the touch and water repellant as well.

On the inside, the bag has more compartments than you’ll care to use. In terms of volume, its about 22 litres. Plenty of space for pretty much everything you’d want.

The bag has a 180-degree opening mechanism as well an external USB charging port. The water bottle pocket has been converted into a pouch which can be tucked away when not needed.

The bag also comes with a rain cover.

You can get Seute Nylon backpack here

Seute Verdiater backpack

Top 5 backpacks for tech lovers

The Verdiater backpack is another amazing backpack from Seute. Apart from all the standard perks that you get in a standard tech backpack, the Verdiater takes things beyond. In volume, its about 30 litres.

Verdiater is the prettiest bag on this list, to begin with. The bag also has a removable pouch type pocket that you can use to keep in shoes or wet clothes.

A bunch of pockets and compartments, reliable zippers, good design, waterproof, this backpack got your back.

This is the backpack I currently use. The backpack can hold my 15″ laptop, DSLR body along with a 50mm lens, laptop charger, mouse, mousepad, a couple of books and all the other cables etc without any issues.

You can get the Seute Verdiater backpack here

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