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Top 8 Teleprompter apps for iPad

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Teleprompters have been used for a long time in the TV industry, especially in news studies and live shows. Now with the growing fanfare around Youtube and the increasing popularity of live streams, teleprompters can also be used by creators. But buying one might not be feasible for you, and if that’s the case, you can double-up your iPad as a teleprompter too.

In this article, we’ve discussed eight of the most useful teleprompter apps for your iPad that get the work done.

Maekersuite Teleprompter App

Developer: Maekersuite | Size: 104.2MB | Price: Free

Top 8 Teleprompter apps for iPad

Need to create a professional-looking video? Maekersuite is the best teleprompter tool for video marketing. It allows you to create professional-looking video content that speaks directly to your audience. You can simply record your video, and Maekersuite will do the rest of the work for you

PromptSmart Pro

Developer: Belleau Technologies, LLC | Size: 237.2 MB | Price:  $19.99. Offers in-app purchases

For beginners out there, trying to search for teleprompter apps should try this wonderful app which will allow them to customize size and colour for some specific backgrounds. To avoid using remote, the app has a voice control feature, which scrolls automatically according to your pace. However, if you commit any mistakes, then you have to scroll up manually. If you are trying to find a companion while self-producing videos, then PromtpSmart Pro is the solution for it.

Download the PromptSmart Pro app here

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Teleprompter Premium

Developer: JoeAllenPro Limited | Size: 15.7 MB | Price:  Free. Offers in-app purchases

It is a professional app for your iPad, which is used by television and movie studios like ABC, BBC, Fox, CBS and many more. You can import Word, PDF, Powerpoint, txt files, and many more. While using the app when you enable mirroring, it reflects the text so that you appear professional in front of the camera. Customize text colour and size of your speech. Two scrolling modes are available which are Continuous or Paging. You can hide controls while scrolling your script.

Download the Teleprompter Premium app here

OnCue Prompter

Developer: Gilbert and Company, Inc | Size: 11.2 MB | Price:  Free

Control your speech using the remote control on this app. The app has a rich text editor, options to change font size, colour, and much more. Individual words can have a different colour from the rest of the paragraph. You don’t need to download any special remote or any remote apps; you can control your speech with the help of other devices that are connected. Countdown, looping, speed up/down, and many amazing features are available in this app.

Download the OnCue Prompter app here

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Developer: Juergen Furrer | Size: 2.9 MB | Price:  Free. Offers in-app purchases

Unlimited pages alongwith customizable settings can be created on this app. Whether you are a broadcaster, public speaker, YouTuber, use can use this cool app. Switching between pages is extremely easy. You can import your speech from the web, text, PDF, and much more. Change margin, foreground and background colour, text size, and much more according to your choice. Mirror mode will help you deliver your speech amazingly.

Download the QuotTeleprompter app here

Video Teleprompter

Developer: JoeAllenPro Limited | Size: 15 MB | Price:  $16.99. Offers in-app purchases

Video Teleprompter will let you record your video in a professional manner which will read your script besides the camera, so you appear natural in front of the camera. A green screen feature is available on this app which will help you put your background. When it comes to the camera, you can lock autofocus and autoexposure. You can also custom ISO control and shutter speed.

Download the Video Teleprompter app here

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Bigvu Teleprompter

Developer: Bigvu Inc | Size: 204.2 MB | Price:  Free. Offers in-app purchases

There are various features like green screen replacement, automatic subtitles, and a lot more. The video composition tools will help you transform your photos, tweets, video clips into an amazing flawless video sequence. Apply themes, lock auto-exposure, monitor your audio while recording, record multiple videos and select the best one all of these things can be found in just a single app. Isn’t it amazing?

Download the Bigvu Teleprompter app here

Teleprompter for iPad

Developer: Pavonine Software | Size: 19.3 MB | Price:  Free. Offers in-app purchases

This easy to use app has some powerful features that will give you a satisfying output. The buttery smooth scrolling will make your jaws drop. It has customizable resolution settings. Margins can be added at the side of the text. You can bookmark segments for easy access which will allow you to jump from one part to other. You can import as well as export TXT and RTF files. This app offers you a 14-day free trial.

Download the Teleprompter app here

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