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How to track IP address? How to check if a link is an IP grabber?

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Your IP is the online trace that can be used to trace or identify you every time you visit a website. When you log on to a URL, the remote server sees your IP address to determine your location and then serves you the web content accordingly.

However, since your IP can be used to identify you online, it can also be used for nefarious purposes. On the other hand, if you want to be sure about the location of a person you’ve just met online and ascertain they are who they say they are, IP tracking can help you get their rough location.

In this article, we will talk about how you can track IP addresses using a simple link. We’ll also be talking about how you can get identify any such IP grabbing links.

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How to track the IP address using a link?

Making a link to grab the visitor’s IP address is actually quite simple. All you have to do is take a target URL, wrap it inside an IP tracing service and get your victim to log on to the final link.

There are numerous tracing services that you can use. The most popular being IP logger and Grabify. For this article, we’ll be using an IP logger.

Step 1: Get a URL that points to where you want to redirect the victim after you’ve grabbed the IP. This can be just about any link you want.

How to track IP address? How to check if a link is an IP grabber?

Step 2: Head over to the IP logger website and find the URL Shortener. Enter the redirect URL and click the Get IPLogger code button underneath.

How to track IP address? How to check if a link is an IP grabber?

Step 3: We will now receive two links, one for receiving statistics, which is the link we’ll be sending to the target and another for viewing grabbed IP addresses and any other information. 

How to track IP address? How to check if a link is an IP grabber?

Step 4: To make our target link a bit subtle, we’ll be changing the domain from to The target link will update automatically.

How to track IP address? How to check if a link is an IP grabber?

At this point, you can pass this link through another URL shortener to further conceal it from the victim. 

Step 5: Send the link to the target and wait for them to access it via any browser. As soon as they do, you’ll receive the IP address and browser information on the viewing statistics link. 

How to track IP address? How to check if a link is an IP grabber?

Note that this method has its drawbacks. The main disadvantage is that if someone visits the target link using a VPN, you’ll get the VPN’s IP and location, which will differ from the target’s real location. 

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How to check if a link is tracking IP address?

Now there are several reasons why anyone would want to get their hands on your IP address. It could be something as simple as verifying your identity, or they might DDoS you offline. 

Regardless, telling apart IP grabber pages from real pages can be quite difficult. Here are a few straight giveaways.

  • Link is trying to resemble a popular site: If the link you’ve received is trying to resemble a popular site except with a slightly different URL, for example, facebook.ok, or something like that; chances are the link is fishy. 
  • The first message you receive from someone is a link: Another thing that’s very popular with scammers. If you receive a link from someone who you’ve never talked to, the link is most probably a phishing page or IP grabber.
  • Other social engineering methods: If someone’s desperately trying to get you to visit a link or someone with an incomplete profile (often no profile picture) sends you a link, you can safely count it as fishy.

If you’d still want to verify the integrity of any such URL, you can use sites such as WhoIs Lookup or to check a URL’s owner and other available information about the link.

How to track IP address? How to check if a link is an IP grabber?

Want to visit the link? We recommend using a VPN before you open any such URLs. As long as you don’t download anything, you should be just fine. 

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